A longer walk

Saturday evening was a lively affair as I’d acquired noisy neighbours with a pair of small, yappy, dogs. It appeared to be a group of friends all camped near to me. My dogs were very well contained considering all of the racket from the other side of the fence, both human and canine. We were pretty chilled and eventually retired to bed at around 22:00.

I ventured out and saw the number of people who’d arrived during the course of the day. Possibly more than one hundred…

Getting seven dogs out of the van, hitched up to their leads and out of the gate at 04:45 without making any noise so as not to disturb the neighbours was a task. There was a little yapping from the other side of the fence but my lot managed to be quite calm.

Walking towards the Promontory I wasn’t surprised to see a number of vehicles in the Grammeno Beach car park. I also expected to see the Promontory littered with bodies. We didn’t find any bodies on our way up so I left all but Isabella and Skinny in the parking place. I walked back to the camping with the larger dogs to collect Isabella’s training collar so that we could all go for a long walk. That way, I wouldn’t need to take them all back into the compound around 06:00 then leave again shortly after. I could take them all back around 07:30 which I considered a more civilised time for a Holiday Sunday. I hitched Isabella and Skinny to the CBV fence to save bringing them into the compound and went in for the collar and transmitter. We then walked back up the Promontory to collect the others.

We walked down the beach closer to the water as it was much calmer today. The canoe is now high and dry up the beach and full of pebbles from the previous day. We walked up the valley with Luis, Fido, Charlie and Isabella off the lead. I was not feeling brave enough to let any more dogs off. They walked up at a good speed and there were no incidents. I didn’t hurry on the way back so as to arrive back at the camping later. There was plenty of activity on the other side of the fence so I needn’t have worried unduly.

Charlie had taken himself off on a smelly object hunt so I put the others into the van and Isabella on Skinny’s line outside. I hung around for a little while in case Charlie returned then wandered out onto Alonáki Beach to try to find him. He followed me back but must have guessed I was displeased with his smelliness. I then rode my bike to Krios as it was now 08:30 and the camping was active.

I don’t know if there was any noise from the dogs during my absence but I wasn’t really that bothered. I fed the dogs and made breakfast. Part of the morning was eaten up with sleeping and the afternoon by lots of little IT jobs which included reconfiguring the UniFi WiFi controller which had fallen over when I updated the RPI. I now know how to fix it quite quickly and also discovered that the backup files were corrupt. It’s all working now as I had another, older backup I could restore from.

The afternoon has been very quiet and distinctly lacking in activity. I crammed all of my exercise into the morning.

The camping is likely to remain busy until tomorrow afternoon but I have seen some cars leaving. There were a lot of cars in the car park when I went for my bike ride earlier. The restaurant seems to be busy and I hope service has been quicker than in the past. At least there is now an excuse for being slow. I notice the serving staff are wearing masks, gloves and face shields too! The tables are spaced as required and the diners appear happy.

I don’t recall seeing the camping quite so busy at this time of the year. There was an enquiry from a German guy who plans to walk around the world. He wants to stay for a couple of months from the end of December. He asked about camping in a tent but I suggested one of the cabins might be more comfortable.


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