Skinny training

There is nothing significant to report about the previous evening other than it was quiet and I wasn’t late to bed. The only interruption during the night was Fido needing a pee around stupid o’clock but I’d almost forgotten about it anyway.

We walked up the Promontory and then down Alonáki Beach and back to the camping. It was a fairly leisurely pace with plenty of sniffing and fiddling around with treasures left on the beach from the weekend and previous occasions. I decided to take only Skinny and Isabella on the second walk as I didn’t want too many distractions.

Isabella and Skinny had training collars today as I wanted Skinny to get used to his as it was the first time he’d worn one. Neither dog was therefore wearing a prong collar as the two don’t mix at all well.

Isabella went off on her own at the mouth of the river and Skinny stayed with me. She was more reserved than on previous days so spent time looking for disgusting things to eat and sniff at. Skinny was eager to get on and kept me going due to not having the prong collar which slows him down a little. My plan was to do nothing with Skinny until we were back and take him out on his own where there would be few distractions. We walked around 3km before turning back. We passed the guard dog twice with not so much as a sniffle from him. Isabella tried to play with him which was difficult as he was on the other side of a fence. As we were about to go back down into the river bed and under the road bridge, I spotted a mass of goats wandering along the east bank of the river. There were around fifty of them I suppose. Isabella was naturally interested and started to trot off in their direction until I called her back whereupon she simply stood still until they eventually turned back and set off up into the mountains. Like sheep, goats follow the leader and the group.

We continued on our way back along the beach towards the field and to the camping. It was quite warm so I should have taken off my thin fleece before we left. Instead, I had it draped over my shoulders with the arms knotted around my neck.

I dropped off Isabella then took Skinny on a long lunge for a wander on the Big Beach. We were quite tired so there was little rushing about. We experimented with the collar and he seemed to grasp the concept of coming back when called and even appeared a little intimidated by the experience. He can walk with the collar on a long lunge tomorrow when we go for the second walk where there are distractions. Isabella is a clean slate as far as training is concerned whereas Skinny has things he needs to unlearn due to his previous lifestyle. He was fine on the recall on a one-to-one basis with no distractions so I feel we need to build more experience before moving on.

The day has been less energetic than the previous but I’ve been quite busy with lots of little jobs including the DDs which have no long been consumed, so peace is all around.

I was digging around for a variety of things in the store room and found several things I wasn’t looking for but which I had forgotten about. One of which was the missing bell to the wind chimes which I’d carefully put somewhere safe and you know the rest…

The chimes are now attached to the roof above my head by means of a strong magnet.

I’ve returned from a very pleasant shower in the nearest cubicles. I see no reason to go trekking over to the other side. The dogs took the opportunity to make a racket in my absence but there’s no one nearby so it hardly matters.

The top temperature is 30.3℃ and the low 20.5℃. I understand from my UK callers that June is far from flaming with rain and cold. You can’t beat the British Climate. Today has been warm and sunny with very few clouds this morning. There was a light wind but nothing to get excited about. The June fly invasion is upon us as the tomato plants are being removed from the greenhouses and disposed of. Always a great moment for flies however there are fewer of them now due to my fly swat!

A blackbird is in meltdown nearby probably due to one of the cats. Not that they really earn their keep as I saw loads of mouse poo in the storeroom so they’re not doing their job! Like the spiders in the van, they need to look out.

The first part of my supper was a sweetcorn which I cooked first and have eaten. The first corn on the cob of the season.

EasyJet is encouraging me to take a holiday with them on Corfu from only £249pp but then I’d have to fly out from Manchester which is a bit of a trek.

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