Fido needs a watch!

I watched the final episode of season two of Luther last night. All good fun stuff and absolutely no violence!

Fido needs a watch as he woke me up again at 04:00 to go for a pee. I went back to sleep until he demanded to come back in again a short while later. At least my brain was operational when the alarm sounded at 04:30.

Our walk was quite short and consisted of a gentle wander around the Promontory finishing off with an excursion onto Alonáki Beach on he way back to the camping. I’d considered a number of permutations for the second walk but eventually settled with just Isabella and Skinny. Good as it turned out as Skinny was going for it this morning so we completed 5km in just over an hour. That included the beach on the return which is harder than walking on a road or track.

The dog at Περρακησ Beto didn’t even bother to expend the energy to stand up as we walked by although he managed one brief woof when we returned and Isabella bounded up to the locked gate. He probably thought she might jump the gate and race off in one of their huge delivery mixer trucks. You know the kind: they are slow on hills, splash your car with site mud and make you late for your appointment.

We saw only distant goats and little else as we raced up the valley with Skinny at the end of his 10m lunge lead. We turned around at the 2.5km mark and headed back as I wanted to get out on my bike for a ride. I’d thought about going shopping but concluded I could put it off until Saturday or Sunday.

My bike ride wasn’t anything exacting, just a trip to Krios, a chat with Gregor and petting his dogs. I’d wanted to put in a new network cable at the bar when I got back but the urge had left me by the time I was actually in the camping.

I was a bit too comfortable after my breakfast so there was a gap in the morning. I had some IT tasks to complete and other research I was doing for myself. It was reasonably warm so my enthusiasm for activity was minimal. I prepared the Doggy Dinners early on and put them in the Pot to cook so they’d cool down in time for their suppers.

I was watching the reception camera to see if there would be many arrivals. I can hear, and see people in the bar and restaurant cameras but it’s certainly going to be much quieter than last weekend. It’s a more pleasant atmosphere but hardly going to even vaguely pay the bills even though the staff are fewer than previous years.

There is a little more wind and a few clouds as the day draws to an end. Today’s top temperature is 27.8℃ although it was over 30℃ sitting here with all of the tent sections open and the door panel completely missing. In a couple of weeks I pack up the tent sides and get out the SunBlockers I suppose. It was cool this morning but that was a good thing as it makes it much easier to exercise. I wore a thin fleece to go out on my bike.

Luis and Isabella fooling around
Aris(totelis) at his desk in reception working hard…
The two boys relaxing after supper.

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