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I went to the office to collect my latest Chinese orders to find I’d received three packages. One was the cycling mask I ordered remembering the amount of dust kicked up by vehicles during the roadworks last summer. Some of the road has been surfaced and I still hope the section outside the camping heading east and west will be tarmacked in the not too distant future. The amount of dust kicked up is significant so a mask will come in handy. When lockdown ended we were supposed to wear masks in shops but that trend never caught on so now we are all very relaxed so the majority don’t bother. That situation may change once the visitor come…

The other two items I ordered are mosquito ‘tents’ which go over the bed to afford protection from the blighters buzzing around your head all night. I have rigged up one of the tents above my bed. It’s a little difficult as there’s very limited headroom. I’m still waiting for a hammock with insect protection so that I can sleep outside when it’s very hot in July and August.

This morning’s walks took us down to the end of the Promontory and also to the end of Alonáki Beach. Yes, we actually made it there and back! It was light on the return leg so we were able to make out a lone FreeLoader parked secludedly next to a Tamarisk just off the road near to the junction with the track. It was a blue pickup which had been personalised with a homemade sleeping section added to the flatbed area of the truck. Indeed, the occupant was sitting outside when we returned from the second walk.

I took, Skinny, Isabella and the drone to the valley so we could take some pictures high up. I’ve been occupied with other things so far today so have not made time to study the footage. We stopped around 3/4 of the way up the 5km section whereupon I tied the dogs to the wire cages keeping the stones bordering the river in position. I then played with my drone sending it up above the height of the surrounding mountains. I’ve not devoted enough time to my drone so I’m not much of a skilled pilot. The basics I can do but it’s not terribly efficient.

Once back at the camping, I set off for Petrakis for some groceries leaving Skinny inside with the others and Isabella outside on her own as usual. She’s usually so tired she simply has a big drink then falls asleep.

I bought my groceries which included some vlita as the spinach looked a little tired. Vlita is apparently extremely good for one so it will form part of my evening repast. The last of the cauliflower will appear tomorrow. The core went into the Doggy Dinners together with some vlita. The dogs should be healthy too.

Other than some IT enquiries, the day has passed reasonably uneventfully but warm with a high of 31.3℃ and plenty of sunshine. There is a little wind which will stay with us on-and-off for a couple of days. It stops the day getting too hot and helps to keep the bugs away.

Skinny, Luis and Fido are all under my chair meanwhile Isabella is disposing of a bone doubtless brought back from one of the walks.

The EU has created a website to enable travellers to find out the regulations for each country of the EU. Naturally, the UK is excluded from the map but still mentioned from the visitor’s point of view as an addition to the Schengen area which it was not a part of anyway. You can check out the site here.

The Doggy Dinner were very warm so I added some cold water to the mix as this has two benefits: it makes it look like there’s more and it cools it down more quickly. Isabella invited herself into the SDC with Oskar and Charlie when I went in to collect up the bowls from this morning. Consequently, she found herself at the end of the food distribution instead of nearer to the beginning. She’s learning that annoying me close to feeding time she finds herself forcibly relocated there. Will she work out that paying visits also has the same result?

Washable mask with disposable active charcoal inserts which should easily last at least a couple of days. The mask is designed for cycling which is why there are oneway valves. The mask protects the wearer from very fine particles as well as dust and nasty CoVID germs.
Fluffy Mummy Pussy relaxing after her meal following a difficult day at the office. The other cat is one of her two surviving offspring.
All that walking tires one out!
(As can be seen, the cushion covers are well and truly on their last legs. Considering they were far from new in 2011, I don’t think I have reason to complain given their lifestyle.)


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