Only Fido, Luis and Oskar slept inside as the others behave nicely and don’t make a racket during the night unless under extenuating circumstances. I was rewatching another episode of Foyle’s War so ended up going to bed around 23:00 which is late for me! The night passed quickly without interruption as I snored away in my insect tent. It’s good not being bothered by mosquitoes in the night for a change. I woke up and dragged a sheet over at one point but most of the night was warm enough without one.

The alarm was a bit of a surprise so I lingered a short while so that my brain might start up. I decided to try a Skinny experiment and let him off his line. He waited a while, worked out that he could jump over the fence, then proceeded to do so. We hadn’t been out long when he caught us up so I released Isabella as she was itching to be with him. He followed us round for a while playing with her then merged into the morning gloom. Not that easy for a white dog. Isabella went for a short time then came back to join the others. I walked Isabella, Oskar, Fido and Obi round before collecting the others to return to the camping.

Obi and Luis accompanied Isabella on the second walk. We went to the end of Alonáki Beach and kept going. Plus-One, the small black and white dogs we’ve seen previously, joined in. Luis initially cornered him into the sea and barked at him. Obi wanted to chase him and Isabella ran around importantly but ineffectually. Plus-One joined us, things settled down, we were quite far down so I released Obi as he was unlikely to do an about-turn towards the camping. Indeed, he raced around with Isabella and Plus-One, went swimming and generally had a good time. Luis had trouble navigating the rocks so stood and barked pathetically hoping I might go back and rescue him. I didn’t, so he was damp when he eventually caught up.

The string of beaches are narrow and next to the road so it’s important to keep an eye on the dogs to prevent them from racing into the road. At present, the traffic moves so slowly it’s not such a problem but, one day once the road is finally finished, it will be different. We reached the furthest practical point and turned round to go back to the camping. It was about now that Plus-One tired of our company so returned home or found something more interesting to do.

Luis was slowing down and appeared pleased to be back at the camping. Obi, naturally, had been distracted by the bright lights of elsewhere and disappeared. He was later to be found with Aris in reception so not too far away. He seems to have a bit of an affinity for reception probably due to his longterm love-affair with Maria.

Skinny was looking as at his watch as we came into the field gate. Wondering, no doubt, where we had all got to. I left him unattached and then went for a swim. The water appeared cold when I was getting in but was bearable following the initial immersion. I splashed around for ten minutes or so then went back to get some dry shorts and a shirt as it wasn’t that warm after my swim.

I made breakfast and fed the dogs then went in search of Obi. On the way back, I noticed an English couple from Huddersfield both called Chris. They had been marooned on Crete during the lockdown, were staying at Koutsounari for the duration where they’d met Peter. Obi and I were joined by Skinny who’d jumped the fence during my extended absence. The couple have two adopted street dogs and may stay a couple of days.

My breakfast was ready so I reacquired Skinny and got on with eating it.

Soon time for my weekly call home.

For the remainder of the afternoon, I made Doggy Dinners and did some support for Nick at Seaford Inter Sport. I did some other small jobs then divided up the DDs and left them to cool.

There have been several arrivals including two English couples who live here and have visited the camping several times. Wandering around this morning I could see some of the Small Cabins had been let to families with young children however I expect they’re here for the weekend. Some of the larger cabins have also been occupied by new arrivals during the afternoon. The camping is certainly not busy but there is hopefully enough business to justify being open and pay the staff.

The top temperature for today is 30.7℃ but the afternoon clouded over and it’s also a little windy from time-to-time. The restaurant is certainly not over run with customers however it’s only 18:40 so the night is yet young. With tight finances I wouldn’t be surprised if most brought their own food so will shun the restaurant which works out quite expensive for a family.


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