Summer Solstice

It was only just today as it occurred at 00:42 so your solstice would have been yesterday. From here on, it’s all downhill to winter! What a bundle of joy I am?

The elephants were on the decking around 04:00 today and were invited, quite bluntly, to desist which they did. One of the elephants then crashed through the van door gate to come inside to say hello to everyone. Again, charming as the paws and the large, licky tongue were, at 04:00 I’d rather be asleep! She [a bit of a giveaway] then squeezed into the gap between my bed and the top of the engine. When I’m not in my bed, it’s possible to push the bed up a little as it’s designed to move up to the ceiling. With me in the bed, there’s no leeway! There she fidgeted until the alarm went off and finally she struggled out. Note to self: make sure the gate is properly closed when going to bed!

There was only one car in the beach car park and we eventually found the small tent pitched by some bushes at the northern end of the Promontory. It was still fairly dark which is why we were almost on top of the tent before spotting it. We adopted a slightly different route for the next couple of circuits. There was no woofing which must have been good for the occupants.

The next walk followed the same course as yesterday but with different participants. Isabella and Skinny set off and were soon joined by Plus-One who had to have been on sentry duty nearby. Once we were clear of most buildings, I let Skinny go to see how things turned out. He stayed nearby for much of the time then he and Plus-One disappeared off up the mountain. Isabella and I walked back alone encountering a man and boy fishing and another man about to fish who’d dragged the misses along for company.

We made it back without incident and then I went to have a swim. It was very pleasant as there was no wind, the sea was calm and it was warm. We had stripy air as I left on the Early Walk. Around the van the air was quite cold but we discovered pockets of warm air as we walked south. The swim was good so I went back to let out the dogs and make breakfast.

The camping was well awake by this time so there was plenty of movement. Fortunately, there are no customers near to me. I ate breakfast then got on with a little IT work for Inter Sport Seaford. My laptop was still working at this point although I’d found the battery almost flat this morning. With one thing or another, the job dragged on a little, but I managed to complete it before I finally had no laptop to work with.

I’m struggling a little this evening as I’m using an old laptop to write my blog as my production MacBook is having power problems. I have dragged out a very ancient MacBook which appears to have developed some nasty black blobs on the screen. Despite being in a laptop bag as well as a case, I fear some moisture may have got into it. It’s very old anyway and reserved for use on such occasions as this. I bought my current MacBook in 2014 when I sold my house. Having a little cash I decided to invest in a new computer as, after all, I use a laptop every day for most of it. Seeing as it’s my main means of communication and used for hours on end, I felt it was worth getting a good one. After six years it’s starting to show its age and has a number of annoying problems which singularly are not deal-breakers but together make a molehill into a mountain. The battery was changed a while ago as it had expanded and reached its natural end. The expansion of the battery damaged the touchpad which works fine as it is except that part of it no longer clicks. The keyboard is beginning to suffer from all the dust and muck which gets into it as I work outside all of the time. I have to regularly vacuum it out and some keys require more pressing than others. The screen is still good as is the processor and memory but now it’s no longer possible to charge it or make it work as either the charging port has failed or the charger. I’m using my spare charger as a certain dog chewed the cable of the old charger. Being efficient, I purchased a replacement cable for the old charger just in case there was a similar problem. Can I find the replacement cable to change it over to the old charger? Is it actually the charger or the charging port? These questions and others have been doing the rounds as I searched in vain for the spare cable.

My searching for the missing cable has had some beneficial side effects as I’ve disposed of more rubbish and put several useful things together. If I could find the replacement cable I could fix the old charger to find out if the problem is the charger or the charging port.

It has been warm enough today but it’s also been a little windy which is a shame as it makes the beach far less attractive. A woman with a barky dog was on the shore when I was there this morning and she told me how nice the water was.

People have left but some still remain so might staying on. There are a few people in the bar but there seems little activity in the kitchen so the customers may be there only for drinks. Perhaps next weekend will be better…


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