As predicted, I didn’t feel hungry so nibbled on a couple of rusks and some fruit then retired to my boudoir around 22:15 having watched some vintage Hill Street Blues.

The morning bounced into action with some bouncy dogs helping me to get my socks and boots on. Charlie was still in the largest of the houses which he seems to have adopted as his preferred sleeping location. Other than Obi, the other two dogs are too large to get into any of the houses even if they wanted.

I was not full of energy so was not about to drag unwilling dogs around the Promontory. I dropped off The Three and continued for a couple more laps with the other four. There was a stray dog on the beach as we were walking back to the camping which needed to be barked at for some reason. Other dogs from the neighbourhood joined in so there was plenty of racket at 05:45 for the vicinity.

I took Oskar with the other two on the second walk so that he and Isabella could play gleefully together which they did. Oskar was wearing the other collar as this helps him to listen when I call him and to be responsive to my wishes. He and Isabella were cavorting in the sea at one point so the collars were even more efficient with the addition of saltwater. Oskar needs more reminding than Isabella who usually responds well from a whistle and a hand signal. It’s only when she’s distracted I have to give her a gentle poke just to get her attention. Other than for the most demanding occasions, such as sheep and goats, she generally does the right thing. Charlie and Oskar suffer from selective deafness so the collar is a great treatment for this ailment.

We walked east again as far as we could go and the inmates of the last multiple dwelling (Hotel Plakaki) were not disturbed from their slumber by excited barking as they were all barked-out by the end of Alonáki Beach. The sea was calm as it was almost still.

It was around 07:15 when we got back to the camping so I prepared for a trip to Petrakis as supplies were low. The journey was improved as my speculations were confirmed and the road had been tarmacked from Annay Homes all the way past Mégim hotel where the surface petered out. Only one side of the carriageway has been done from just past the camping to Annay Homes but I suspect this will be completed today. There is still more work to be done as the machines were digging and pushing as I rode past. Having about one more kilometre of tarmac certainly helps but it would be good if the cycleway could be finished off too. Better to get the road done first though.

After my shopping for bananas, apples and garlic although I put in some extra items, I went to see the PAWS dogs. There were four mature dogs who, although pleased to have a visit, were not as enthusiastic as the puppies were. I soon left and returned via the main strip and back to the camping. I went past the camping gate to see how far the road had been tarmacked.

I unloaded my shopping, fed the dogs and put on my breakfast. I had a few emails to answer and some other jobs which occupied me whilst my food cooked. The power was off and I knew why when I encountered a large water bowser with a platform and a man directing a powerful water canon at the insulators atop the electricity poles going west from Paleochora. He kindly stopped his work as I rode past otherwise I would have become very wet!

The morning drifted by and turned into the afternoon. I was in deep meditation at some point(s) although I found time to do other things of a non-active nature. I’d done quite a bit of exercise this morning so I had only my Stand Circle to close to complete my activity quota for the day.

The dogs have already been fed and my food is cooking. Skinny and Luis have been amusing Isabella by keeping her occupied with the small remains of an old sock. No expensive toys here! An old sock will keep them amused for ages. I just feed them into the system from time to time.

Skinny, Fido and Luis ‘playing nicely’


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