More power (to the people)

Isabella wanted to go out at 04:10: I tried to convince here to wait until 04:30 but I suspect she wanted to play with Obi and Skinny outside on the decking. The door of the van closed in the night making it too warm despite no sheet and just my mosquito net which does trap the heat.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are no longer morning risers leaving Venus which is shining brightly just ahead of the sun. She can be seen to the northeast appearing above the mountains at around 04:55 at present. Mercury is behind so swamped by the sun. And so the seasons progress. I can understand the interest that ancient Cretan shepherds may have had as they looked after their sheep and goats on the mountainsides. They couldn’t watch YouTube on their SmartPhones or text their mates so spent time simply watching the movement of the cosmos.

The first part of the walk was uneventful despite the existence of FreeLoaders somewhere yet to be discovered. The second walk was with Fido and Charlie as Isabella’s chaperones who made a good job of wearing her out between them. She and Charlie raced madly and noisily up Alonáki Beach: Fido took over the baton on the return trip but she had less energy by then. The three of them went in the sea several times as it was warm with little breeze. I was glad to be wearing a light shirt and wished I had lighter socks on. There were no incidents and Charlie only required prompting a couple of times. He’s getting the hang of doing what’s asked of him.

I popped down to the bar to finish off the cable left from Wednesday then set off on my bike for Krios. There I met Gregor and his two dogs who, he tells me, wait for me to arrive each day. They’ve been disappointed recently as I’ve been busy. We chatted and I mentioned the visit from the German vets on 9/10 July. He wants to get his male dog neutered although he’s a very calm and mild creature. Gregor showed me some herbs he’d collected to try to ward off the flies and mosquitoes which pester him. Apparently, there’s a lot of irrigation water near his van so I suggested a few drops of oil on the surface to kill off the mosquito larvae.

I came back and checked the other end of the cable at the bar now that it was open then went to let out the dogs, feed them and put on my breakfast. It was getting on for 11:00 by the time I got to eat my breakfast as time had escaped me.

Georgia phoned me to talk about cameras, cables and things which go bump in the night. She said the camping was expecting some eighty guests over the weekend which is quite a good show considering.

I walked down to the beach where I saw no one on the beach just two people in the sea in the distance. I went in for a quick swim and it was lovely! I encountered Georgia on the way back, told her how lovely the water was and suggested she go in. She said she didn’t have enough time.

Georgia called again later and we had a face-to-face conversation about websites and cameras. She has a bit of a thing for cameras. By the end of it I was rather confused although Aris came to help me out even though I seemed to be making myself understood. She’d invited me for food which I declined as it was all about eggs so she brought me a packet meal of stuffed tomatoes with garlic beetroot on the side. Very good to have food prepared by someone else once in a while.

I returned to the dogs and updated the Google Business website for the camping. Georgia appears very keen to improve the winter business and is being proactive this year. Something I’ve been on about since the dawn of time. Maybe Aris has mentioned something?

It got windy in the afternoon and will be so for a couple of days so I took down the southern SunBlocker. The big fan has been on all day in cool mode and the fan inside the van is on 24/7 as I don’t have an electricity bill to pay and have an abundance.

I suddenly realised I’d not prepared the Doggy Dinners so sprang into action just after 16:00 so it was all very hot again when it came to dinner time and the dogs had to be patient.

The camping now has a three-phase (440v) electricity supply so there should be plenty of power to the people! This was the reason for the electricity cut on Wednesday.


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