Windy but warm

FreeLoaders with a dog littered the Big Beach on the Promontory so our visit was briefer than usual. Skinny was unusually vocal so their sleep was disturbed – sorry!. We headed off for a detour and then back to pick up the three parked at the top to be overtaken by Kostas who was there for salt. This was the first time I’d spoken to him this season although we wave and gesticulate when he passes me in his 4×4 on the road. We detoured along the beach on the way back to the camping where I dumped Fido, Luis and Charlie.

The second walk headed east along the beaches. Several vans were parked parallel to Alonáki Beach road. One, a German, who was either here before lockdown or left recently. Oskar and Obi took it in turns to race around with Isabella whilst Skinny and I stuck to the water margin dodging the waves. The three went into the sea several times and Isabella seems to have discovered it now, for paddling at least. She goes in on her own quite often. There was no one on the beach on the way down however a fisherman was preparing his equipment as we returned. A guy with a dog was standing in the beach café so had the pleasure of the company of all of them.

Further on, a couple were sitting on the shoreline who Isabella wished to befriend. They didn’t understand her friendly overtures so I had to call her back. The walk was generally satisfactory but I was surprised by the number of people out at that time on a Saturday morning. Don’t they realise this is my time of the day?

I pedalled my bike to Krios where I found myself alone. Gregor and his dogs were later out so we met briefly on the road. I gave him my spare mosquito tent as he seems to have problems where he lives and I now have none. I rode back along the now-completed section of road which passes Annay Homes, Houmas and Grameno restaurant.

I went to the bar to recover Obi then let the others out of the van and made my breakfast. It was already getting warm.

I needed a rest so sat and waited for my breakfast to cook. It was not long before the big fan was on and dogs were lying in front of it. Isabella appears to have spent most of her day in a prone position in front of it.

It was time for my weekly call home.

The afternoon turned out to be singularly uneventful and equally inactive. It was warm with a high of 32.7℃ which is not surprising considering we’re heading into July on Wednesday. I understand the UK weather has reverted to changeable and showery weather following a few days of badly-behaved hot weather with lunatics killing people and young people invading Bournemouth Beach, leaving a mess and being generally unpleasant to the locals.

Aris has had a lot of practice opening and closing the entrance barrier at the reception. It would appear that the promised eighty customers have nearly all arrived. I now see there is an external car park for customer vehicles which would need to be taken into consideration when guessing numbers. Simpler, I suppose just to ask Aris as his system for booking in the guests keeps a running total. He likes numbers.

With more customers in the camping, I see the service staff are using their PPE in accordance with the protocol. A man, dressed in a while cover-all suit, was spraying the loos with magic virus-killer when I went to use them forcing me to divert to the main facility so much further away.

The wind, which was generally easterly earlier on has gone back on itself and is now blowing strongly from the west. According to WindFinder, the forecast is for the wind to max out around 21:00 then give us some peace during the night. Tomorrow might be windy too.


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