New SunBlocker

Fido and I got up for a wee at 02:50 so I took the opportunity to check that I’d turned off the neighbours’ watering tap. The weather has been hot and windy so their plants are in need of a drink. I went back to bed until the alarm at 04:30.

It was easier getting up today as there was no wind and it was cooler. There were cars parked in the beach car park however we didn’t encounter any FreeLoaders on the Promontory. Having parked the three, the remainder did a couple more laps then went back with the full contingent.

Luis and Charlie joined Skinny and Isabella for the second walk which went east along the coast as of late. Charlie and Luis took it in turns to amuse Isabella who also entertained herself by racing after seagulls and then chasing into the sea. She hasn’t worked it out that she’s onto a loser there. Charlie and Luis joined Isabella in the sea on several occasions. Charlie looks such a mess when he’s wet due to his fluffy coat. He’s never the tidiest dog at the best of times.

We reached the end then headed back with Luis and Charlie taking a diversion which required us to wait for them. Charlie is getting used to going on walks where he’s free to wander so is starting to venture further away. He disappeared into the bushes with Isabella as we came across the field. Isabella came out almost immediately when I called her yet Charlie appeared not to hear. His hearing improved dramatically once I turned the control on the collar transmitter from position two to position four. And he came back through the gate at speed. He’ll eventually learn to come when he’s asked!

I went to Paleochora to buy some food as the cupboard was bare as Mother Hubbard might remark. The trip in was reasonable except the wind was quite strong and there were lots of machines on the road digging and shoving earth around. It will be a little while before that section is ready for tarmacking but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Petrakis was quiet so I was able to get my shopping done quite quickly then head back to Grammeno. The bike battery should have been charged yesterday so it was very low today when on the return run. The wind was in my favour but I still had to work fairly hard. The odometer shows I’ve nearly covered 2,000km since December.

I went to the sea for a swim before letting out the dogs and sweeping up some of the leaves and trimming some branches. The leaves make it difficult to spot the poo and the branches are low leading to the Quasimodo Syndrome. I’ve modified some of the branches removing those I bang my head on whilst playing hunt the turd.

Doggy breakfast was delayed as a result of my activities and I was eating mine after 11:30.

There were no support calls in the morning so I answered a couple of emails and fiddled about with other things.

I ordered a new SunBlocker to replace the existing which is too short and is beginning to tear at both ends. I took down the SunBlocker when it was windy the other day. Today, there is less wind so I’ve put it back up. Quite a quick operation. The replacement SunBlocker will be 4.8m, so slightly longer than the present one. I shall repurpose the existing one whilst it’s still usable. Sadly, DHL will be delivering as I got the best deal in Germany. At least the office is constantly personed so there should be no excuses there.

The four dogs on the second walk slept away most of the day. The others did too for that matter. There has been a staff meeting in the restaurant which was followed by plenty of eating which is still in progress. It has been warm with a high of 36.3℃.

Greece has issued its protocol for people entering Greece. Whichever way you travel, it’s necessary to fill in an online form which will be needed when passing through immigration. Ransom tests will be made, probably dependent on location of departure, so those tested will be required to self-isolate for one day by which time the result of the test will be known. Seems quite sensible to me.

I picked up some rather good spinach this morning so this will be forming part of my evening meal. Better get something going and sort out the Doggy Dinners.

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