Musical chairs

I came outside with the dogs at 21:00 to sit in front of the fan to chill out, literally. I didn’t have very much enthusiasm to move as it was still 31℃. The fan was cooler than it had been all day so it was pleasant to be sitting in front of it. Around 22:00 I put Fido, Luis and Oskar inside as both Luis and Oskar can decide to bark at things when the mood takes them.… Read the rest

There have been calmer nights

We watched the episode of Foyle’s War where he returns from the US and is then persuaded to join MI5. It was still hot when the episode ended so I went outside and sat in front of the other fan whilst checking my eBay auctions on my laptop. I’d found someone selling a used SportDog collar set all packed up in it’s original presentation case.… Read the rest

The correct choice

After some frivolous tv I watched the episode of The Crown which deals with the lunar landings and Prince Phillip’s relationship with the new dean when he confides in a group of priests that he feels unfulfilled and spiritually lost. He’s disappointed when he meets the astronauts face-to-face as they turn out differently to what he’d imagined.… Read the rest

No Water – again!

I chose to sleep inside last night asI ended up coming in the previous night once the temperature dropped. This time was different as I woke up baking hot so ended up sleeping outside of my mosquito netting and still feeling too warm. It’s amazing what a difference it makes being inside or outside of the mosquito tent.… Read the rest

A visitor

I discovered the Broadchurch murderer was the husband of one of the detectives on the case when finally I arrived at the whodunnit point in episode 8. All this after so much anticipation and a false start/finish. I ended my evening of entertainment with a light-hearted US detective series and a visit to Slade Prison.

I started off in the hammock again as it had been another hot day so the night might have been hot too.… Read the rest

A more relaxing night

I thought I was watching the last episode of the first series of Broadchurch. I started the series over a week ago and have been watching an episode most nights. I was ready to see who had killed Danny Latimer to discover I was at the end of episode 7 and not 8. I will have the pleasure of discovering his killer this evening instead.… Read the rest

Maiden voyage

I watched the penultimate episode of Broadchurch so will hopefully discover later whodunnit. There are so many possible suspects it could be anyone. I watched the pilot episode of Defending Jacob which stars  Chris EvansMichelle DockeryJaeden Martell. Michelle Dockery you may connect to a famous Costume Drama. An assistant district attorney’s son is accused of stabbing to death a schoolmate in the park before school.… Read the rest

Justin – time

It was quite windy again this morning but that was a good thing as it was warm too. The first walk passed almost without incident. There was a car in the car park but we didn’t find any FreeLoaders until right at the end. We left by the same way as we came in but I suspect the dogs were too interested in sniffing around and we were upwind on the way in.… Read the rest

The whole contingent

Skinny decided at 03:50 that it would be a good idea to go outside to play with Isabella. Isabella decided it would be a good idea to come inside to play with Skinny. I wasn’t wildly excited by either option but concluded that having them outside would be less disruptive than inside. They stomped around on the decking making lots of stomping noises but no barking or similar sounds.… Read the rest

The wanderer returns

I was surprised not to hear the wind battering the van as the forecast said it would be windy all night. I was not looking forward to going out early morning in a strong wind as it makes the dogs scatty and we get sandblasted into the bargain! It was not still when we went out as there were occasional gusts which kept most of the mosquitoes away and effectively lowered the temperature.… Read the rest

Shopping trip

Kostas passed us as we walked out along the Promontory causing some slight excitement to the large dogs. I advised them to moderate their tone. Kostas was already busy with his salt when we reached the end just after 05:00. There was a breeze so no mosquitoes and slightly cooler. Obi, Skinny, Isabella and I completed two laps, gathered up the others and headed back to the camping.… Read the rest

New collar

I watched another episode of Broadchurch and spent time with Messrs Poldark and friends in Cornwall. I like to get about however the theme was West Country. I was heading towards the bedtime routine but then went outside to see how my server was getting on. So gripping was it that I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 23:30 which was a bad move as I was awake again but not in bed.… Read the rest

Silence reigns

Skinny slid out of the van door with me this morning. His new ploy to escape over the fence. It didn’t pay off as I caught up with him at the gate so escorted him to the field gate and put on his lead. A couple of cars were in the car park but no FreeLoaders were discovered on the Promontory.… Read the rest

It will now rain for forty days and nights

I was awake at 04:20 so up and ready when the alarm sounded. I moved Isabella and Skinny into position before releasing the others and preparing them for the outing. We were on our way by 04:40 to a carless, FreeLoaderless Promontory. Excluding Kostas who was collecting salt. We did our thing exactly as yesterday and returned by 05:50.… Read the rest

Gearing up for the weekend

There has not been a constant stream of vehicles lined up at the reception office but there have been arrivals. Customers wandering through the bar area and to the bar. I can see there are more devices attached to the WiFi network of which there are 23 near the WiFi access point in the bar. The trend this year has been very quiet during the week but busy over the weekends.… Read the rest

Out the window!

I enjoyed another episode of Foyle’s War which took me nicely to bedtime. I ‘invite’ Messrs Luis, Fido and Oskar into the van in the evening as otherwise they can be relied upon to find something/one/noise to bark at. Any other participants are welcome so long as they follow the rules which are quite simple where the dogs are concerned: no sitting in my place; no eating my food; no rowdy behaviour; no licking me and bothering me generally.… Read the rest

A little quiet

On my run out to Krios this morning I checked out some of the places I passed on the way to see if there were any signs of economic activity. Flisvos rooms appeared very quiet, there were tables outside of Grameno Restaurant but not as many as normal. I don’t know what Houmas restaurant is doing either.… Read the rest

Froggies at Krios

Some new FreeLoaders had replaced those present over the past couple of days however they were less discerning about their location plonking their tent in the area by the Big Beach. For me, this caused considerable discontent as it’s an integral route in my morning walkabout routine. We managed despite this interruption although it was an unnecessary inconvenience.… Read the rest

Heavy Weather

The dogs are making heavy weather of their food this evening as I crushed up their worming tables instead of leaving them whole as Luis, for one, can pick them out and leave them for others to eat. I’ve never seen them eat so slowly. Isabella had hers whole as she eats anything anyway. Maybe I should just leave them whole in the future.… Read the rest

Maria’s looking well

I even dragged a sheet over me at 04:00 as I was feeling just slightly chilly. It’s been a long while since I’ve done that. It was cooler but very still as we ambled across the field and onto the road. There were cars but we encountered no FreeLoaders on the Promontory. I gathered the dogs up for a quicker pace as it was cooler.… Read the rest

Keeping cool

There was a lot less wind when I got out of bed but it was deceptive as I discovered as we left the compound and walked across the field. There was a strong northerly breeze blowing down from the mountains and very welcome it was too as there are no mosquitoes when it’s windy! Two cars had replaced the two from the previous day.… Read the rest

The jury is still out…

The wind blew all night and was still blowing in the morning so I knew we’d have blustery walks. I’m not enthusiastic about getting up when it’s very windy but was awake before time so got my brain into gear. There were two cars in the beach car park which have been there several days. As it was dark with only moonlight, I was unable to see if the FreeLoaders were still in the same position.… Read the rest

Poo Techician

The first walk was uneventful even though there are FreeLoaders around: I know where they are so can take avoiding action. It was already a little breezy, so cooler than the past few days.

Fido and Oskar joined us for the second walk up the beach to the east. We encountered a salt collector who wasn’t sure about Isabella but seemed ok with Fido as he is smaller and not so bouncy.… Read the rest


I watched an episode of The Waltons last night as each one usually lasts for around forty minutes which would have taken me nicely to bedtime. I might not have noticed from the indicator that this was a double-feature episode so lasted nearly ninety minutes! The storyline was Olivia, the mother getting poorly after Sunday service to return home to bed.… Read the rest

Happy Birthday, Gregor – 71 today!

I got involved with Sherlock last night and it seemed that he was about to leave UK on a private jet for six months or so until Moriarty showed up from the dead to save the day. At this point I retired to my boudoir where I lay, unprotected with the windows and the door open as Skinny had elected to spend the night outside with Isabella and Obi.… Read the rest

Storms over the Balkans

There was a warning of potential thunderstorms over Crete during the night. There was some storm activity to the west of Crete however this has since disappeared so I suspect we will experience little of nothing. The Greek mainland and the southern Balkans are enjoying storms as I write.

I watched another ‘Cracker’ story last night so might have retired slightly later than normal.… Read the rest

Road inspection

I fell asleep quite quickly around 22:00 but was woken before midnight by the sound of joyful laughter from somewhere on the camping no doubt. The punters appeared to be enjoying themselves late into the night and early morning. I was hearing voices at 04:30 as I prepared to take the dogs out. I’d been up earlier as Skinny was fussing so I let him and Isabella out hoping they would not prance about on the decking or make a racket.… Read the rest

Skinny goes walkabout

I watched another exciting episode of Foyle’s War last night. The war has now ended and there is about to be an exchange of prisoners of war with the Russians. Many of the Russian prisoners fought with the Germans so their future is likely to be short once they are returned to Mother Russia. Understandably, the POWs are not eager to return.… Read the rest

Is it Friday already?

The title should read: “is it July already?”. With lockdown in the middle, time was dragging a little, but now I find myself at the beginning of July and don’t really remember how we got here. The weather is warmer and the sea is very pleasant each morning. The camping is getting busier however this is likely to be a year like no other due to The Lurgy and everything it brings.… Read the rest

More networking

Another hot night however I only woke up at 04:00 and managed to stay in bed until 04:30 when the alarm went off. It was cooler than the previous night with a low of 24.3℃. The evening was very warm so I abandoned watching inside and went outside as there were only a few mosquitoes around to annoy me.… Read the rest


I awoke at 03:00 as I was hot and sweaty. The temperature during the night never dropped lower than 26.8℃. I used to use the fan to keep the mosquitoes away when it was warm enough. Since acquiring my mosquito tent, all the mosquitoes have disappeared so I’m able to sleep through the night unimpeded by mozzies.… Read the rest