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Another hot night however I only woke up at 04:00 and managed to stay in bed until 04:30 when the alarm went off. It was cooler than the previous night with a low of 24.3℃. The evening was very warm so I abandoned watching inside and went outside as there were only a few mosquitoes around to annoy me.

Not a single car was to be seen in the beach car park excluding Kostas who was hard at work dealing with his salt. This morning he was pumping water so left just as we were setting off on the second walk at 06:15 or thereabouts. We could hear the sound of the pump but didn’t actually see where he was spraying his water. Even though it was cooler than the morning before, it must be jolly hard work dragging long pipes all over the rocks. He earns his money!

Our first walk was slightly more active than the day before despite there being little breeze to stir up the air a little. We kept moving into banks of warmer air as we circumnavigated the Promontory. A strange sensation. The walk was similar to the day before.

On the second walk, Luis and Oskar went with Skinny and Isabella so plenty of energy was expended even before we reached the turning around point. I’d considered going up the river valley but thought better of it as it was so hot. They were in and out of the sea all the time even Skinny went for a paddle! There were no extra people or dogs to encounter today just plenty of gulls for Isabella to chase and Skinny to bark at.

I was considering going for a swim before going out riding but in the end I went to Krios to see Gregor before the swim. I didn’t stay long as it was 30℃ as we stood and chatted under the trees at 08:15. I got my swim when I arrived back at the camping and it was worth the wait. There were others in the sea: men with a group of young girls who were splashing about or snorkelling. They left before I got out and sat in the sand nearby.

I let out the dogs, made my breakfast, then fed them. It’s good for their souls to wait for a little while at my convenience. It was getting warmer so the cooler went on before breakfast again. During the day, the wind has increased so, even though the top temperature is only 0.5℃ lower it seemed a lot cooler once the wind got up.

I spent most of the day riveted to my chair although I got up and walked around quite frequently just not at the right times to move my Stand Circle on. Performance in that area was extremely lacking. I’ve been fooling around with SPF and DKIM then, bored with that, fiddled around with the camping’s WiFi. A couple of moths back, I had to start from scratch with the WiFi configuration as the Controller lost the plot and I didn’t have a recent backup – silly me! That’s not entirely true as there was a recent backup but it was corrupt. I’ve been optimising the network since the number of customers is increasing daily as I can see from the logs. There are also reports of latency, the time it takes for things to happen or load. Also problems with DHCP. Like many things of this nature, it kept me busy for much of the afternoon. I did have time to prepare the Doggy Dinners for which the doggies appeared suitably appreciative.

I’m planning to eat some more health cold food again including salad items, olives and some of the pickled gherkins I bought yesterday but forgot to eat in the evening! Update: I forgot them again but my plate was too full anyway!


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