Is it Friday already?

The title should read: “is it July already?”. With lockdown in the middle, time was dragging a little, but now I find myself at the beginning of July and don’t really remember how we got here. The weather is warmer and the sea is very pleasant each morning. The camping is getting busier however this is likely to be a year like no other due to The Lurgy and everything it brings. Greece is accepting visitors from many countries with a few notable exceptions such as UK, Sweden and USA. These exceptions are nothing to be surprised at considering The Lurgy is still active and the number of cases and duration of the epidemic count towards that in some way. Also perhaps in the attitude of the leaders and the way things were dealt with. Greece should review its position in a week or so in line with advice from the EU advisors’ recommendations. There are some foreigners here but the majority of visitors are Greeks which, for the time of year is unsurprising. July and August are considered the main season for the camping and things begin to wind down after the Public Holiday on 15 August. Weekends may be busy in September but then the clientele changes towards older foreigners or families with pre-school children. Greeks may still come weekends until the schools go back which I understand is the first week of September this year. I also hear that pupils will all be moving up one year even though there were no exams and they were graded on their year’s work until lockdown.

I didn’t go to bed last night as I felt it might be too hot again. I wouldn’t have wanted to be outside though as that might have been a little cool. Instead, I chose the rear bench of the van with Fido at my feet and Luis, Charlie and Oskar on the floor. Isabella was guarding the van door and went out when I finally retreated to bed around 03:45. I didn’t want to be at the back of the van any longer and it was too early to be getting up. In fact, I feel asleep very quickly.

The passage of the day has been similar to many others during this phase of the camping’s yearly cycle. The Early Walk was a mirror of those previously other than Venus appearing earlier each day and being joined by Aldebaran which was almost bright enough to be a planet. Kostas’ car was parked in its habitual place but the owner was out collecting salt and we didn’t meet up until the final lap. He left as we set off for the second walk.

Fido and Charlie accompanied us again. There was a woman collecting salt on Plakaki Beach and, other than the odd vehicle on the adjacent road, few other signs of activity. The dogs were well behaved although Isabella might have been a little more circumspect with her greeting to the Salt Lady who might have felt a little overpowered. Isabella responded correctly and quickly when asked to give her space. There was little other interaction between me and the dogs today as they seem to have got the hang of it. A little whistle prevented Charlie from wandering out of my comfort range on the last leg and he seemed attentive to my glances without requiring any additional chivvying. I was thinking how well it was all going when things got mucked up right at the very end. We’d got in the gate which I was about to close when Isabella, followed by Charlie, suddenly felt the need to go out again. Isabella worked out that she should come in however Charlie was on his way down the path and disappearing into the bushes. A little reminder brought him quickly back to the gate where I let him in. Skinny was on the lead and Fido had been reacquired to prevent him from going off under the decking instead of inside the van. He’d probably be alright outside but better inside with the others. I’d planned for Skinny to remain outside on a line with Isabella but he was determined to go into the van with everyone else for some reason.

I went for a most enjoyable swim and then set off for Petrakis to get a few bits and pieces. There were two shopping bags worth by the time I got back including some vlita which had just arrived on the delivery lorry and was ranged outside the store. The ride back was quicker with a following wind and the excavator whose jib I’d passed under on the way out had finished shoving debris on the side of the road. The guys dealing with the kerbstones are progressing but they still have some way to go. I noticed electrical wires being threaded through the ducting which I assume is for the lights and a large tank vehicle working with the surface water drains. During heavy winter rain, surface water is a big problem so the old road would become quickly flooded. A section of the incongruously good road near Krios was completely washed away during a particularly wet period in early November leaving a large gap in the road.

The culvert was overwhelmed by the runoff from the mountains and the road was simply swept away! The tarmac finishes in the foreground and resumes the other side of the shingle area. It is pretty much the same today!

I digress… Back at the camping, the dogs were released, fed and I made my breakfast and sat down. There was a gap at this point and then suddenly my breakfast was ready!

The remainder of the day has been taken up with more IPV6 activities as I’ve been trying to implement the knowledge acquired to some practical purpose. The investigatory phase is still ongoing.

More arrivals and an increased level of activity indicates the camping is busier. Not that I’ve been through the gate into the camping since I came back from shopping. At present, there appears to be little activity in the bar and restaurant.

My supper is cooked and ready and includes some vlita which I’d better go and eat!

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