Skinny goes walkabout

I watched another exciting episode of Foyle’s War last night. The war has now ended and there is about to be an exchange of prisoners of war with the Russians. Many of the Russian prisoners fought with the Germans so their future is likely to be short once they are returned to Mother Russia. Understandably, the POWs are not eager to return. The British are turning a blind eye to their undoubted fate as there are a number of British POWs held by the Russians.

The sound of Skinny jumping the half-gate of the van disturbed my slumbers around 03:00. There was no point in trying to catch him as he would have been long gone by the time I’d extricated myself from my anti-mosquito netting. I heard some nearby barking a little while later and went to investigate using the opportunity to visit the loo on the way. The camping was quiet so I went back to bed. He always comes back anyway. When I returned to the van, I explained to the assembled masses that at 03:25 it was too early to go out on a walk and that everyone should return to bed until 04:30. I eventually got up at 04:20 as there seemed little point in hanging on.

The first walk, without Skinny was relaxingly easier than normal but followed the same pattern. Fido was a bit slow but then he attended the second walk yesterday. He still seems to have a slight impediment of his rear leg but he’s seen Stavros who says he could see nothing extraordinary.

The second walk had Obi and Oskar with Isabella so I had the joy of walking on my own without a Skinny on the lead. He has his uses as he’s quite handy when there’s a strong wind or a hill to climb as he’s a powerful lad with four-wheel drive and traction control. It was a very easy walk with few encounters: a couple in a small tent on Karavopetra Beach. They were investigated by the dogs and Obi barked at them a little however Oskar didn’t! An occupant went swimming shortly after our visit. There was a guy sitting at one of the tables at the Azzurro Beach Bar and Teverna. He may have something to do with the joint. I even managed to reacquire Obi before the end so didn’t have to go chasing around the camping after him! He usually extends the planned walk by disappearing into the camping as we cross the field. Only Isabella and Oskar have collars…

I collected up some rubbish and some recycling and walked up to the bins to deposit the rubbish. I was about to get on my bike balancing the bag of jam jars in my left hand and trying not to make a noise when Skinny appeared out of nowhere wanting to go back in. So I got off my bike, put down the bag, took Skinny into the compound, attached him to his line then carried on what I was doing beforehand.

I deposited the jam jars at the recycling, one where they actually do recycle the items and not just chuck it all into a hole in the ground, then set off for Krios. Gregor was busy doing something further down the beach and was not sitting in the shade of the Juniper trees so I didn’t stop and went back to the camping for a swim. It was a very pleasant swim: other than a dopy couple who came to the water’s edge, discussed it and one of them entered the water briefly, I was the only occupant of the sea.

I released all of the dogs, made my breakfast then fed them. I then sat down and fell asleep which might have been something to do with the earlier Skinny incident. My breakfast was ready when I awoke so I got on with eating it as the time for my weekly call home approached.

After my call, I prepared the Doggy Dinners and spent some while reconfiguring my bed and my anti-mosquito netting. I’d previously bought two storage bags from Petrakis so unpacked the larger of the two in order to put in my blankets of which I have no use at present. I then proceeded to clear out the storage lockers of anything winter-related and stuffed it into the smaller of the two. I stacked the evacuated bags with some others in the unoccupied part of my bed. It’s not an ideal arrangement but I have yet to find a suitable container so that I could stow it all in the storeroom. That would be a real bonus and requires more serious effort. There is also a certain amount of clothing which is well past its prime and so would benefit from disposal. I don’t believe I’m actually saying that!

There were more arrivals including what appears to be a family group to the northwest and I’ve heard other pegs being hammered in out there too. The nearby rental tents are a double-edged sword: occupied they are too close for comfort however they prevent others from pitching right next to me.

My supper is nearly ready, the dogs are crashed out. Skinny appears to want to come inside the van all the time so lies in the doorway which is the maximum extent of his line. I’m not having him jump the gate when the urge takes him and I’m not up for shutting the van door at night so he needs to stay in his line. I might ask Antonis to make me up a mesh door to replace the solid one. It could use the existing hinges and also have fine mesh to prevent insects.

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