Road inspection

I fell asleep quite quickly around 22:00 but was woken before midnight by the sound of joyful laughter from somewhere on the camping no doubt. The punters appeared to be enjoying themselves late into the night and early morning. I was hearing voices at 04:30 as I prepared to take the dogs out. I’d been up earlier as Skinny was fussing so I let him and Isabella out hoping they would not prance about on the decking or make a racket. They did neither.

A figure was standing in the road by his 4×4 as we walked across the field. I had to remind Skinny that barking/growling/whining etc were all off the list and that he should behave nicely. We were doing well until a little dog from within the vehicle decided to bark as a warning to us not to come any closer. The little dog obviously had delusions of magnitude or had no idea what was outside. We continued with a minimum of silliness. Some cars cluttered the car park so I was expecting FreeLoaders camping out and was not disappointed. We needed to amend our routes to avoid any complications. Someone was collecting salt on the rocks and I have no evidence to support the idea it may have been Kostas as his 4×4 wasn’t present. That said, there was a motorcycle in the car park which might be his.

Luis and Charlie came out on the second walk. Luis needed to get himself going as he overstepped the mark yesterday as I was giving Skinny his food and got a telling off from the others. I think he has a sore leg or something. I’d already spied out the lay of the land before leaving and knew there was some structure on the beach, some guys fishing with several rods and various vehicles along the Alonáki Beach track. We didn’t go directly to the beach and walked along some way before I released Charlie and Luis. A woman camping on Alonáki Beach got a telling off from Luis, however the others ignored her with a little prompting. We continued over the rocky outcrop by Plakaki ‘Hotel’ where I saw some further obstacles within our path. I didn’t abort the mission although I put Luis on the lead so I had control over his desire to tell off the FreeLoaders. Again, with some prompting, we passed the tents and their occupants scattered liberally about. Some have no concept that others might wish to use the beach so leave their chattels all about. Seeing as we were about to turn round to return, I felt it a little unkind to both canines and humans alike to go the same route. I hitched the dogs up so we could walk along through the roadworks which are still very much in the construction phase. The cycle way and pedestrian path were impeded by pallets, holes, piles of material or just not in existence so we walked in the road which was very quiet due to the day and time.

I could see there are some pretty formidable surface water drains under construction so hopefully, these will prevent the road from flooding in winter. The kerbstones are coming along so progress is being made. We finally left the road and headed back towards the sea and Alonáki Beach to avoid houses with lots of dogs likely to bark on a Sunday morning.

Back at the camping, all but Isabella went into the van and I fed the cats before riding to Krios and back. Gregor and dogs were nowhere to be seen so it was a rapid trip. I went for a swim then let out the dogs.

The morning was mostly relaxing and the afternoon included some little jobs long overdue. One was to fix the insect netting in the roof-light above my bed. It has a poor design whereby the insect material gets blown inside so simply hangs limply into the van with a welcome mat for any passing bugs. I took down the frame and glued the insect material to the frame as, unless there are extreme conditions, the roof-light is likely to be always open. I can take down the frame to open or close the light anyway.

Other than preparing my own food and that of the dogs, it’s been a particularly uneventful and inactive Sunday since the morning exercise program. I’ve not been idle very much of the time however I have been sitting more than I should have been perhaps. Reading the newspapers and texting are not particularly energy-intensive.

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