Happy Birthday, Gregor – 71 today!

I got involved with Sherlock last night and it seemed that he was about to leave UK on a private jet for six months or so until Moriarty showed up from the dead to save the day. At this point I retired to my boudoir where I lay, unprotected with the windows and the door open as Skinny had elected to spend the night outside with Isabella and Obi.

Jolted into action by the alarm, I had to extract myself from the anti mosquito netting as it became a littler cool at 03:00 and I wanted to see how much difference the temperature is inside the netting. Interestingly, just a thin netting will retain quite a bit of heat. I think I knew this already as the insect screen on the van door does a good job of temperature differentiation with the outside.

I hear squeaking noises from within as Isabella was locked into the van with Luis who seems exceptionally barky and annoying today. I think it’s his turn for the second walk tomorrow so that will help wear the Little Blighter out!

The walks were under cooler conditions so slightly brisker. There were FreeLoaders on the Promontory but conveniently located out of the main drag so presented no problems when all the dogs are on the lead as they are for the first walk. There was a particularly posh pickup and another 4×4 to the southeast side of the car park. They had set up in a rather good location well out of the way of passers. Another group was somewhere on the west side and probably had a dog as I could hear barking as we approached en masse for the return journey.

Obi and Charlie joined us for the second walk which went down the beach again as of recent days. There were no tents or other impediments in our paths making for rapid and obstacle-free progress. Obi conveniently surrendered himself as we passed in front of Plakaki Hotel and remained on the lead with Skinny until we were back at the camping.

I’d forgotten to put my bike battery on charge so rescheduled my trip to Krios until after my swim to avoid having to do all of the work to ride there myself. Very fitness-making but not in July! The sea was a little lumpy today and consequently rather stirred up and sandy. I could see only one other bather who was much further down the beach near Houmas. I swam out past the breakers so had a reasonably peaceful time until I went back to the beach. I’ve been swimming in much worse conditions but have got used to millpond calmness.

I rinsed myself off under the hose, watered the plants then cycled off to wish Gregor a happy birthday. I’m not sure there will be a whole load of others who will be giving him birthday wishes today. We agreed that birthdays, Easter, Christmas and weekends were all the same once you get past a certain age and live alone with your dogs. I petted the dogs, we chatted a while and then I set off back to Grammeno to release the dogs and get on with my day.

It’s been busy with some support calls so I’ve had to exercise my brain fixing up something I set up some while ago. I’m pleased to say that it’s now working as it should, having been broken for some time.

The day has been warm and sunny with a high of 30.4℃ which is quite chilly compared to recent temperatures. There was increasing wind as the day progressed so I was even able to turn off my decking fan!

I’ve just been to the office to collect a parcel from China containing replacement batteries for my remote collars. Four small batteries in bubblewrap inside a cardboard box. They were ordered comparatively recently so it’s a bit of a bonus. The original batteries seem to be holding up better than I’d expected so I’ll keep these in reserve for now.

Aris tells me that Maria will arrive on Thursday so we had a little discussion about my previous attempts to get her to adopt technology or change methods. I understand that Georgia is very keen for Maria to use new systems.

Only time will tell…


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