I watched an episode of The Waltons last night as each one usually lasts for around forty minutes which would have taken me nicely to bedtime. I might not have noticed from the indicator that this was a double-feature episode so lasted nearly ninety minutes! The storyline was Olivia, the mother getting poorly after Sunday service to return home to bed. She was very wobbly on her feet so they called the doctor who diagnosed Polio. Long story short, she was looking forward to life with a disability but with the help of an alternative treatment, administered by her family, faith in the Lord and determination, regained her mobility. It was a good story however I was beginning to flag near the end as it was well past my bedtime.

I cleared up and went outside to check water bowls and so on ending up sitting comfortably in my chair. At around 01:40 I woke up as it was cooler so went inside to bed. The dogs were nicely relaxed and enjoying the music I’d left playing for them.

Even though I was late to bed, I was awake at 04:00 so ready to go out for the walk as soon as the alarm went off.

There were alien dogs lurking in the beach car park so our transit was not silent. Some additional FreeLoaders seem to have left their dogs outside. Strangely, by the time we came back, they’d gone as their masters were probably trying to remain asleep.

Luis and Oskar, the second walkers, came along the beach with Skinny and Isabella. The walk was very pleasant but totally unremarkable. Oskar is now extremely attentive to my wishes so requires no additional prompting. Isabella is inquisitive and always on the lookout for the possibility of additional food so needs reminding occasionally. Luis is afraid of being left behind so pays attention and mostly does as he’s told. Skinny’s on his lead so does as he’s told.

I went for a swim then set off for Krios for a whirlwind visit as there was a large machine charging up the beach doing something noisily. I couldn’t see Gregor so returned to Grammeno.

The dogs were quiet but pleased to see me as well as their food. I made mine and had a sit down. I had an audience of five as I prepared my breakfast. Both Fido and Isabella enjoy some apple. They all appear to like sunflower kernels and pumpkin seeds. Skinny chews them up nicely too.

I had a support call from LBS as Caroline’s computer lost the will yesterday afternoon but managed to spring into life this morning. I suggested Mr Broking might buy another machine so that it could be installed whilst Caroline is on leave next week.

A chunk of the day was taken up reconfiguring the Grammeno customer WiFi as it was very unhappy. This required deleting and recreating the customer virtual WiFi network but hopefully everyone can access the Internet now. I’ve set up a test WiFi network for me to play with. My laptop is now attached to the customer WiFi for monitoring purposes.

I decided to reinstall my other weather website as it’s not been working correctly for ages and a new version has just been released. I have started from scratch using the upgraded template but it’s a work in progress.

From the heading, the reader might guess that the flies have been a scourge today. Litsa sent a message to say that she was going to purchase a ceiling fan and would bring it to the camping soon. She was probably at the store as she was able to give me an exact price. The fan is intended to go in a ‘normal’ room with a higher ceiling so I will need to make some modifications or it will be a case of Mme La Guillotine watch out!

My wandering through the camping revealed few customers for the time of year but this can often be the case in July, even under normal circumstances. Luis is barking at the cat enclosure so I expect the Fluffy Mother Cat is in search of some sustenance.

Fluffy Mother Pussy has food as does her daughter who appears as reliably as she at mealtimes. The boys are omnipresent and always welcome something to eat. The remainder of the time they are generally not far away. The females only periodically arrive around feeding times.

The temperature got to 35.5℃ and it’s been warm and a bit sticky. Temperatures around 30℃ are forecast from now on. The weather should remain quite stable from now on.

I think this brings to a close my contribution for today. Potatoes and salad await me.


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