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The first walk was uneventful even though there are FreeLoaders around: I know where they are so can take avoiding action. It was already a little breezy, so cooler than the past few days.

Fido and Oskar joined us for the second walk up the beach to the east. We encountered a salt collector who wasn’t sure about Isabella but seemed ok with Fido as he is smaller and not so bouncy. Isabella is always so keen to make friends with everyone but doesn’t understand her own size and weight. I could see the guy was uncomfortable so called her back. Charlie was getting ready to bark at the stranger until I reminded him that this is unacceptable behaviour. He’s coming along well with his lessons.

Following the second walk, I went for an extremely pleasant swim in the sea which was much calmer than the previous day. Most of the lumps had been ironed out however there was some gusty wind which appeared to be coming from several directions simultaneously. As far as I could make out, I was the only swimmer in the sea. There was a man swimming from Alonáki Beach but that was a little earlier when we were walking along the beach on the way back from the second walk. He’s staying in one of the villas nearby.

I washed off much of the salt with my hose and got ready to set off for Krios. The wind had made up its mind so was blowing mostly from the northeast pushing me along but against me as I climbed up the hill. When I arrived at Krios, there were some strong gusts which threw dust and leaves into the air. The people who’d set up their fine caravan nearby were delighted. Gregor’s dogs were pleased to see me so I spent much of the time petting them whilst chatting to their master. I departed around 09:15 and pushed against the wind all the way back to Grammeno.

During my visit to Krios this morning the Poo Technician called to empty the septic tank which serves the beach toilets. He was driving a large, shiny tanker with a great, big, slurpy pump and a long hose. We could see him approaching from afar and he had to slow down to navigate the washed away section of the approach road. He reversed his shiny vehicle into position, started his big, slurpy pump then deployed his hoses into the orifice of the septic tank which is a few metres from the road on the beach. I confess I didn’t remain for the entire performance as the excitement was getting too much and I felt the dogs might appreciate it if I went back and fed them. I was not wrong,

Having fed the dogs, I made breakfast and went for a little sit down which turned into a shutdown when my brain decided it needed a rest so my body joined in. My breakfast was ready so I ate it then received a call from Mr Lawrence to tell me the PC he was ordering today had arrived this morning. I sent him the link yesterday and he said he’d order it when in the office the next day but, instead, ordered it there and then. The delivery company called with it this morning!

The new computer for Caroline has already been configured so should be ready for her in the morning. Imagine, getting something replaced BEFORE it breaks down irrevocably! That wouldn’t go down to well over here. First you fix it, then you fix it again. It never really works properly but you persevere until it is worse than useless. Setting up the new PC was not such a long process as Windows 10 kindly searches the computer and local network to install any hardware it finds and recognises. Gone are the days of struggling to get printers to work properly – thank goodness. You plug it into your machine or put it on the network and it just works!

The wind is now quite strong so I’ve taken down the Southern SunBlocker as the forecast is for the wind to get even stronger as the day draws to a close. I’m not up for taking down the SunBlocker in the dark in the middle of the night. It’s quite a simple process when Skinny doesn’t incorporate his line in with the guy ropes and insist on sitting in the middle of the folded up material as I’m trying to finish up.

Litsa sent a message to say that she is back in the camping and that I could collect the ceiling fan she picked up whilst in the electrical store yesterday. It was a formidable package as the blades and the motor together represent several kilos. I can see that it’s going to require a secure fixing to my ceiling if it’s to remain there. I’m not going to get involved with it until tomorrow except to see what I might need to get in Paleochora when I go there tomorrow if it’s not too windy. If the fan rids me of flies, as well as provide ventilation, I’ll be very happy!

It’s now cool enough to turn off the fan/cooler as the wind is quite strong. The maximum gust for today is, so far, 56.3km/h and the temperature is 33.7℃ despite the wind. It started off quite warm until the wind joined in. According to the forecast, it will be windy all night maxing out mid-evening. Luis and Isabella were having a play session while I was preparing my evening meal. It resulted in the two of them racing around the compound as if chased by the devil! The wind always makes them crazy.

My meal is ready so I shall go and eat it. Lentils and beetroot with garlic and onion this evening.


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