Keeping cool

There was a lot less wind when I got out of bed but it was deceptive as I discovered as we left the compound and walked across the field. There was a strong northerly breeze blowing down from the mountains and very welcome it was too as there are no mosquitoes when it’s windy! Two cars had replaced the two from the previous day. The owners are doubtless camped somewhere on the Promontory however, we didn’t run into them. The walk was a little more vigorous as it was cooler. There were stars and Venus but the moon is about halfway through its morning phase so, together with the sun, blots out all but the brightest stars as dawn approaches.

The second walk included Luis and Charlie as it was their turn. We were against the wind on the way east but Skinny was full of energy so pulling me along nicely. Apart from a couple sleeping on the beach further down, there were no surprises. Isabella was first on the scene but left them alone and Skinny and I were slightly ahead of Charlie who walked on by. Luis, I distracted by calling him to hurry so he didn’t spot the FreeLoaders at all. Job done!

We turned around at the end and started back. Ahead of the game, I clipped Luis to his lead to avoid any mishaps and trusted Charlie and Isabella to behave nicely as they had remote collars. I hurried Isabella past the people with only the gentlest of reminders and Charlie simply sailed by. Luis didn’t bark.

When back at the camping, I set off for Krios on my bike. Gregor and his dogs hadn’t arrived and were on the road as I arrived. I stayed for a while, we chatted and I petted his dogs. Time was getting on so I rode back to Grammeno and ran into Antonis and his sidekick, going to Antonis’ parent’s house where they have a workshop. He’d sent a text the previous evening asking if I’d like peppers but I was asleep. We went back to his parent’s home and I selected some peppers. When I got back to the camping I went for a swim. The sea was calm with wavelets but plenty warm enough.

I let out the dogs and made breakfast then fed them. I sat down for a little rest and texted Ursula while it cooked. She has kindly forwarded the additional training collar I bought on eBay so watch out doggies when that arrives! There were about fifteen minutes before my weekly phone call once I’d finished eating.

I sat for a while to see if the flies would come and they did. I gave them a little time to enjoy themselves before turning on the ceiling fan. Unless it was my imagination or it was something I said, there appeared to be fewer flies to bother me. Sadly, this situation was not to last long as there was a catastrophic fan incident when the cable which I’d neatly hot-glued to the metal roof suddenly dangled down and caught in one of the rotating blades of the fan bringing it to a sudden stop. I turned off the power although the fan wasn’t moving anymore. The motor is magnetic and not geared so designed to rely upon the weight of the case to provide momentum therefore the motor is very weak and only 60w power. I concluded that the hot glue sticks very nicely to the metal roof but not to the plastic insulation of the cable. I put the fan back together and also installed an additional stabilising brace. However, as soon as the fan got up to speed I could see it was out of balance so something was wrong. The sudden stop had bent the motor shaft so it was no longer running true. The shaft is not solid to allow for the rotor wires so is fundamentally weak in design and not open to abuse.

I don’t want to bother Litsa again so will ask Antonis to get me an identical replacement the next time he goes to Chania. The installation was the hardest part which is all done so it’s just a matter of a new motor and we’re good to go. The cable is now attached to the main beam of the roof using self-drilling screws and metal strapping so it ‘ain’t goin’ nowhere’. In hindsight (20/20 vision) this is what I should have done from the outset. At least I’ll have lots of spare parts and now know how to grease the fan bearings!

My weekly phone call ensued and we had a pleasant chat.

The afternoon was taken up messing with the fan and fixing the cable as I should have done it at the outset. Silly me!

Peter, who was at the camping most of last year went east just before lockdown where he stayed at Koutsounari camping for the duration. He found a house he liked the look of and has now purchased it completely fitted out with furniture and white goods all for €50,000 (£45,000). Here are some pictures.

I think it looks great and will make a perfect let when he’s away for any time.

My supper is cooked so I’m off to eat it.

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