Heavy Weather

The dogs are making heavy weather of their food this evening as I crushed up their worming tables instead of leaving them whole as Luis, for one, can pick them out and leave them for others to eat. I’ve never seen them eat so slowly. Isabella had hers whole as she eats anything anyway. Maybe I should just leave them whole in the future. Skinny and Obi didn’t finish their food (Skinny leave food!!!!) and Isabella’s had a field day. She is going to have absolutely no parasitic worms!

Skinny wanted to go outside at around 02:40 as it was too hot for him inside. I didn’t mind as I had a little wander at the same time. Later, Luis and Oskar managed to run the van gate and go for a wander too. I wasn’t about to leave those two outside so waited for them to come back in.

Only one car was in the beach car park and was there the previous morning so I guessed the people would be in the same location with their tent. We didn’t see them anyway. I used the same speed walking technique as the previous day so we were back at a reasonable time.

The second walk, with Charlie and Obi, set off without hindrance as Luis had been put in one of the houses leaving only Fido and Oskar in the van. Charlie had the collar on but I made sure I took it off again when we came back. The people camping by the river were still there but the others from yesterday morning were gone. No surprises really. Obi disappeared at the beginning but returned at Plakaki Hotel. He even came to me on the way back to go on his lead. The walk was otherwise uneventful.

I went swimming after the walk and managed to get stung by a jellyfish I should imagine, although I didn’t see it. My hand was stung first then my arm, back and leg. The hand is the worst as it was the first. I put some vinegar on it when I got back and it’ll be forgotten by morning.

I rode into Petrakis for some groceries and came back with some vlita now cooked and ready to eat. Importantly, I remembered to get some large, black olives for my supper. The trip back was easy as the bike battery had just come off the charger so was full.

I made breakfast and fed the dogs whilst unpacking the shopping a little later. There was a gap where I found that my breakfast was suddenly ready almost immediately after I’d put it on. How time flies!

Some simple IT support tasks took up the remainder of the morning and early afternoon. I Then washed the vlita and put it on with some potatoes to cook. My conversation with Maria had included healthy things to eat so I milled some flax, sunflower kernels and pumpkin seeds and stuck it in an old jam jar for her. Later, I went up to the office and we had a chat about food. It seems she’s quite into healthy eating now. She has Quaker oats for breakfast so now can add some of my milled concoction to it. As I said to her, the three seeds are very uninteresting on their own but are very beneficial so worth eating with something more interesting. I eat loads of milled flax and so on but she might wish to go a little easy to start. She’s going to investigate Petrakis to see what interesting berries she can add to her breakfast. Aris had gone to the restaurant for his meal leaving Maria and me in a deserted office. Bona was the only visitor during the time I was there. Her small son and I got into advanced brain-death as Bona and Maria chewed the fat. The boy was very patient – I just zoned out as the conversation was mind-manglingly uninteresting about another cleaner, so I lost the will to live! Same rubbish over and over with a slightly different sauce. Bona finally left and the little boy went with his mother to help clean the toilets. Some people have all the fun!

It was Doggy Dinner time when I returned from reception so they were pleased to see me. I’ve fed them and my supper is ready so I’d better go off to eat it.


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