A little quiet

On my run out to Krios this morning I checked out some of the places I passed on the way to see if there were any signs of economic activity. Flisvos rooms appeared very quiet, there were tables outside of Grameno Restaurant but not as many as normal. I don’t know what Houmas restaurant is doing either. Anny Homes look completely closed and there are no cars parked at Cedar Bay Villas either. Whilst walking to Plakaki earlier I noticed that all of the rental villas have their shutters down with no sign of activity. In contrast, the camping, although not busy, is doing well.

Some vocal cat activity stirred me and the dogs from our slumbers around 04:00. If anything gets Fido and Luis’ attention, it’s a good cat fight. This particular event appeared to be a running battle which lasted a while. The boys were waiting for me to feed them when I finally emerged and appeared to still possess the correct number of appendages and were intact. The female arrived when I returned from the first walk and she is ok too. The mother came running up to me as I was about to go for a swim and she was also ok. Perhaps some of the main protagonists have sorted each other out. Needless to say, there was no sleep to be had from 04:00.

The first walk was less involved than yesterday and passed without incident. There were no cars visible and no FreeLoaders were encountered. Fido and Charlie came on the second walk which was along the beaches against a strong wind. The sea remained calm despite the wind. Charlie amused Isabella who barked loudly and annoyingly at him. Poor Charlie takes quite a bit of ragging from her but puts himself in her path so must enjoy it from some masochistic standpoint. Before leaving for the first walk, I often attach Skinny and Isabella to the fence before the others and see Charlie wandering up close to her in order to get his ears chewed. This is not the action of a dog which is fearful or timid more like one who enjoys having his ears chewed by a soppy girl. The walk was uneventful.

I swam for around fifteen minutes without any flying sand, tins or plastic litter. There was someone else in the sea a long way down the beach. The wind was still strong and a little cool so I got a hot shower on my way back to the van.

It was less blowy as I rode towards Krios where I found Gregor and his dogs. He showed me some photos of a cave he used to occupy during the summer further along the coast. This was triggered by a Belgian guy who arrived in his car then got ready to walk towards Elafonissi. He wasn’t planning to walk the whole way and told us he’d been to Lissos the previous day and planned to go to Sougia the following day. He had all the gear and Gregor and I watched him traverse the beaches and climb swiftly up towards the track which leads across the mountain. Gregor continued with his watering, I petted his dogs before taking my leave around 09:10.

Isabella greeted me at the gate and Luis, who was in one of the houses, made it clear he wished to come out. Charlie, who’d been allowed to remain within the confines of the SDC was eager to come into the main compound having recovered enough from his previous ordeal to force down a little food.

I let out the others, fed them then made my own breakfast. It quickly became hot especially as the Southern SunBlocker has been down for several days due to the strong wind. This makes a lot of difference to the temperature inside the awning area particularly in the middle of the day. Later, after consulting the wind forecast, I reinstated the SunBlocker as I could see that it wouldn’t be windy for the next few days.

Checking my emails, I received a notification from the German company supplying the new, larger SunBlocker telling me DHL had been unable to deliver the item as they didn’t know the address. What a surprise! I have contacted my man at the Chania depot in the hope that he can sort this out before they send it back to Germany as they do.

The bulk of the day has been taken up with small tasks including a more demanding report from Inter Sport about one of their servers. The symptoms were quite mild however I discovered more disconcerting anomalies when I started to look more deeply. I will need to investigate this matter more closely early tomorrow morning.

I’m surrounded by sleeping dogs who are scattered around either under or next to my chair although Oskar has just relocated himself to a different position on the decking. Luis, Fido, Isabella and Skinny are all out for the count under or around my chair. It seems a shame to wake them but I would like to prepare something for my supper so needs must…

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