Maiden voyage

I watched the penultimate episode of Broadchurch so will hopefully discover later whodunnit. There are so many possible suspects it could be anyone. I watched the pilot episode of Defending Jacob which stars  Chris EvansMichelle DockeryJaeden Martell. Michelle Dockery you may connect to a famous Costume Drama. An assistant district attorney’s son is accused of stabbing to death a schoolmate in the park before school. The first episode was gripping enough however those who have read the book are disappointed.

At bedtime I took my new hammock on its maiden voyage as it was too warm to sleep inside as the wind had dropped. I’ve had more comfortable nights and then again more uncomfortable ones too. Having travelled in the back of an army truck to North Wales or back from Avignon on the student ‘express’ to Paris. All night in the corridor outside the toilet with barely room to sit or stand let alone lie down. But I was significantly younger then. The hammock was not pitched level and is made of rip-stop nylon so gravity had me sliding inexorably down which didn’t help. I’ve since levelled up the two ends and will put a cotton sheet between me and the hammock with a decent pillow too.

I retired inside around 03:00 to kip out the remaining 90 minutes in relative comfort as it was slightly cooler inside by then. Isabella and Skinny were impersonating Skinheads at a reggae ball on the decking so there would be no chance of sleeping outside anyway. I dragged Skinny inside with me as Isabella’s too disruptive if she gets bored inside. She settled down outside as did Skinny inside. I got some more sleep until the alarm at 04:30 whereupon Skinny checked up on me to make sure I’d heard it. I later discovered why Skinny was keen to go outside…

There was some air as we wandered the Promontory but it was still hot so the going was heavy. No vehicles were visible but I later discovered a pretty light blue tent near the Small Beach once dawn showed up. I didn’t see a car on the way back either.

Obi, Fido and Oskar accompanied us on the second walk which went up the valley as I suspected bodies on the beaches. There was a welcome breeze and not too many decaying corpses to attract the dogs who, apart from Skinny and Obi, had collars. Obi might not have chased the goats but I didn’t feel up for putting the theory into practice.

We came back via the beach and could see the ladies and their dogs further up Alonáki towards Plakaki. Oskar and Isabella wished to say good morning but I called them to me and they returned without requiring further persuasion. We continued southwards along the shoreline with the dogs popping in and out of the sea.

I went for a swim in a virtually still sea. Maria still has the decorators unless she’s been taking lots of hormones and morphed into a man! Only one other person was in the water so I was happy to share. Later, a woman with a skin-coloured bathing costume gingerly entered the sea which made her costume utterly transparent once in the water. A couple of older guys near me were admiring the woman’s bathing attire choice: I was overhearing their conversation as I floated about. The sea was warm and pleasant so I stayed in for twenty minutes before wandering back through the camping to stand under my hose.

I let Luis and Charlie out as they’d been in the longest. It was 08:15 so I didn’t go for a bike ride as it was already warm and I’d just had a pleasant swim and a shower. Having checked the wind forecast, I put the SunBlocker back as I guessed the day would be warm and no further strong wind was forecast for a few days.

I made some tea and prepared my breakfast before feeding the dogs. I know that Skinny, Fido and Isabella like fresh apricots as well as the stones which they crunch between their teeth to remove the kernel. I then am left with a load of broken pieces which I eventually sweep up. The cooler went on before breakfast time and I was not the only one in front of it.

It would soon be time for my weekly call so I relaxed in my chair for a moment or two. Our conversation was interrupted by a support call from Inter Sport in Haywards-Heath. Their Access database which deals with customer orders wasn’t working so I restored a previous version from backup.

The remainder of the afternoon was languorous as it was so hot. All except for the cicadas who were still trying to attract a mate. Sex is such a powerful incentive. Janne called to say they will arrive on 12 September to stay for five weeks.

Stupor is likely to likely to return as the dogs have now been fed and the temperature has fallen from the high of 38.8℃ by a whole 4.2℃. Today has been the hottest day of the year!

I shall prepare sustenance for myself and find out who killed Danny Latimer!

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