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I discovered the Broadchurch murderer was the husband of one of the detectives on the case when finally I arrived at the whodunnit point in episode 8. All this after so much anticipation and a false start/finish. I ended my evening of entertainment with a light-hearted US detective series and a visit to Slade Prison.

I started off in the hammock again as it had been another hot day so the night might have been hot too. The temperature started to fall around 02:00 so I went inside the van to my bed. I couldn’t believe it went as low as 20℃ at 07:05.

No cars were to be seen as we approached the Promontory however we encountered a person equipped with dog at the location I usually park the others while I walk the bigger dogs. Consequently, for a change, I took the whole lot around twice and then went back to the camping. We were good and early as it was only just getting light. I fed the cats then took Fido, Obi and Charlie off along the beaches with the other two. There were no bodies on the beaches just a few stray vehicles left over from the previous day with the occupants sleeping within.

We went unhindered to the practical end of the beaches and back with a brief intermission while Skinny and Isabella expended some surplus energy. The final leg was unencumbered by women and dogs so we made good progress back to the camping, all except Obi who had the wind up his tail and was ahead of the rest.

I saw Obi when I went down to swim in the sea. Peter had said he’d be along around 10:00 so I took the opportunity of having all the dogs in to drag his stuff, including his mountain bike, out of the pussy enclosure where it has been since Peter went on his journey east. Then lockdown occurred and he’s bought a house which is why it has taken all this time to reunite him with his possessions.

I wanted some groceries so rode into Paleochora for an express visit to Petrakis. On my return I fed the dogs and made my breakfast so that it would be ready for later. I reacquired Obi who was quietly standing not far from the vending machines. He looked a little lost, made no attempt to evade me and trotted back happily to rejoin the others in the compound.

Peter’s van pulled up outside as I could hear and see in the camera. He’d driven from Paleochora having spent the night in rooms there after his journey across the island yesterday. He was surprised at how much stuff he’d left behind as I think he’d forgotten the spare tyre for his electric bike which I was storing on his behalf in the storeroom. We put his mountain bike and motorbike bag into the van first and fixed the bike so it wouldn’t move during the journey

As it was, he had an unexpected fridge in the van so was unable to take a small table and a bench seat which apparently, came from the van but was surplus to Peter’s requirements. It has now been donated to me together with the table and the remains of the tarp used to cover the bike during the winter.

We chatted a while but he needed to get off as he was about to drive all the way back home which is a long way. He told me that he’s soon be returning to UK to sell his VW camper as it no longer suited his lifestyle and is far too large for the roads around his abode. I could see that Peter had been driving quite a bit and riding his electric bike less. Boris Johnson will be on his case…

I had a call from Barbara in Melbourne about the dreaded WordPress site she is building for EG. The hosting company had restored the website but she was still unable to get into it so asked to restore from an earlier date. I ate breakfast and prepared for the remainder of the day then decided to see if I could fix this website problem myself. I tried a few things then discovered I could disable features of the site by disabling services which I could do by accessing the files on the server and not via the website’s dashboard. This is where the problem was as it was not possible to access the website’s dashboard to turn off the services preventing administrator login. All very boring but we now have control of the site and she should be able to get on with it.

There were a couple more support calls during the rest of the day but otherwise it was pretty quiet. Only much later on did I have to stop and restart the Guild’s main website and database.

Pussies and doggies are fed so it just remains for me to put something together for myself. All to do with salad, potatoes and beetroot this evening. A big beetroot too!

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