No Water – again!

I chose to sleep inside last night asI ended up coming in the previous night once the temperature dropped. This time was different as I woke up baking hot so ended up sleeping outside of my mosquito netting and still feeling too warm. It’s amazing what a difference it makes being inside or outside of the mosquito tent.

It was still very warm when the alarm went off at 04:30: 27.7℃ to be exact so I would have been much better off spending the night outside. I just don’t seem to be able to get it quite right!

We set off across the field and I could see just a few motorhomes dotted about along the Alonáki Beach road. There was one car parked near the Promontory and we later discovered the offending FreeLoaders and their dogs, camped out on the Big Beach. This forced me to change route to avoid further conflict. At least I had the satisfaction of having woken them up at 05:10! Other than that, the first walk was uneventful other than a few annoying mosquitoes buzzing around my ears. What is it with mosquitoes and ears?

Luis and Oskar joined the second walk which went almost to the furthest practical point of the beaches. It was warm so I felt lethargic but not the dogs. Isabella and Skinny easily found the energy to frolic about on the beach and in the sea. Luis plodded along and Oskar explored the environs. We saw no one and no other dog.

I went to the sea for a swim and was not alone as several others were busily swimming in various location around the bay. There were some wavelets as it was becoming progressively blowy although not enough to make progress too difficult. Otherwise my swim was great. I went back to get my soap, flannel and towel so that I could have a hot shower with all the accoutrements. Usually, I simply rinse off with fresh water to remove most of the salt and sand.

I set off for a quick trip to Krios to see Gregor and his dogs. He and the dogs were pleased to see me as I explained my absence since last Thursday. Friday, I went shopping, Saturday and Sunday I didn’t ride as it was hot so I swam longer and Monday I went shopping again. We chatted, I petted his dogs and we parted once the trees were sufficiently watered.

I released the dogs and made my breakfast then fed the dogs before having a little rest. It was lucky I did things in that order because it was shortly after that I was told that the water would be off from 10:30 – 12:30 for some planned plumbing work within the camping. Quite why we are doing planned work in July when there are customers in the camping is beyond me. I took the timings with a pinch of salt and can confirm that at the time of writing, 17:46, there is still no water as the plumbing technicians damaged something whilst trying to carry other the original task. How the kitchen and bar are coping I know not. I thought I’d be crafty and take some irrigation water to discover that too was off!

Another call and emails from Barbara as we move closer to getting the new website ready for public trials. The site is now live and no longer redirected to the temporary url.

I held off preparing the Doggy Dinners in the hope the water would come back on. As a consequence, their food was delayed so is still far too hot for them to eat. I got around the water shortage as I have learned to keep five litres of water in a container for just such occasions. At least I’m independent of any electricity failure now. It was at around this time last year we had the problem of power outages due to overloading of the camping’s internal electricity system. The generator was installed first inside the workshop, then on the roof of the workshop before being located to its present position at the entrance gate to the camping. The power was on and off, up and down, as was the Internet connection as this is in the office which, for some reason, is not protected by the generator.

The remainder of the day skipped by and was quite warm. With not water, my cooler just moved air around at ambient temperature as it relies on the evaporation of the water trickled through its air exchangers to provide the cooling effect. As this is generally a dry climate, it works quite well and produces a similar effect to air conditioning without the dryness. In fact it humidifies.

I need to do something with the Doggy Dinners to avoid a riot!

The water is back on, the dogs are fed, the fan is blowing cool air once again, the plants are watered and my supper is cooking in the pot. What a difference some water makes! I believe the plumbing technicians were the same crowd which performed the boiler installation during the winter. I rest my case…

The wind is getting up but this evening should be the strongest period of wind for the next few days so I’m trying to leave the SunBlocker up without it sustaining significant harm. The strongest gust so far is 56.7km/h at 17:30.

I see Charlie has returned from the SDC where I try to feed him in the evenings. He’s always been a little slow at eating so would have been particularly disadvantaged today as the food was still quite warm when I gave it to them. I put his food down for him then pull the gate into the closed position to deter others from coming in to bother him whilst he’s eating. He now knows to push the gate to open it so that he can come back into the main compound when he feels like it. Unfortunately, Isabella, the lady she is, just shoves the gate open with her nose then blunders in as she is not to be deterred by some closed gate. If I actually lock the gate then poor Charlie remains in the SDC all night as I invariably forget to let him out!


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