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After some frivolous tv I watched the episode of The Crown which deals with the lunar landings and Prince Phillip’s relationship with the new dean when he confides in a group of priests that he feels unfulfilled and spiritually lost. He’s disappointed when he meets the astronauts face-to-face as they turn out differently to what he’d imagined.

I spent the entire night in the hammock having initially fallen asleep in my chair, laptop in front of me. It was obviously an important task.

There were some disturbances, mainly from Isabella insisting on settling down beneath the hammock then beating me to death with her tail which weighs at least 10kg I’m sure.

The same car was in the car park so we didn’t bother to walk down the Big Beach and concentrated our efforts elsewhere. The same FreeLoaders equipped with dog were still there. It was the turn of Obi, Fido and Oskar for the second walk. For the second successive occasion, Obi has ended up in the camping after the walk with me wasting time having to reacquire him. It’s not a huge problem as the camping is comparatively quiet however he is the only dog wandering freely around when all the others are with their respective owners. He will have to remain on the lead the next time he goes out on the second walk. It’s a pity as he was getting good at returning at the end.

We passed one tent on Alonáki Beach and another further down on Karavopetra Beach which I only saw at the last moment. Both tents had few items around them and were passed by without incident. We sat quietly on the rocks a little while before turning back.

Skinny and Isabella had good fun a little later when Skinny’s lead broke as he lunged forwards after her. The lead had already been chewed so needed little encouragement to fail. There was about a metre of lead attached to Skinny’s collar so he and Isabella amused themselves with her leading him along on the lead and him attempting to wrest it from her jaws. We stopped for water at the spring so I used the opportunity to tie him back onto the remainder of the 10m line. He hadn’t yet disappeared but I wasn’t in the mood for taking a chance seeing as Obi might also disappear.

I carried out some little jobs including bringing in Peter’s abandoned van seat from outside the gate. I have since cleaned it off and positioned it next to the storeroom wall so it’s possible to sit in the shade in comparative coolness once the sun passes over the workshop. When I sit there, it puts the dogs near to the pussy compound which might encourage some of the dogs to be more amenable towards the cats. A long shot I know.

I went for a swim which was quite pleasant despite the wind whipping up the surface of the sea a little. It’s a good idea to drink a little seawater anyway. I washed off with the hose then went on a short bike ride as I’d forgotten to charge the bike’s battery when I returned from Krios yesterday.

The remainder of the day was hot but at least I had the cooler working as it had water today. There were no support calls other than an email from Georgia asking if the network connection to the new bar tills was live. I understood the system of VAT reductions on certain beverages was due to go live on 1 July which is why I devoted so much effort to getting it done on time. It transpires that the UK government is not the only one to change its mind and the new start date for the reductions is 1 August which is Saturday.

I cooked up vlita and lentils for myself yesterday but found I didn’t want them having eaten tomatoes, cucumber and beetroot. They sat in the Instant Pot all night and then the fridge all day to now find themselves once more back in the Pot.

The Doggy Dinners were lacking a potato yesterday and I could see that this was missed by the energy expended by the dogs in eating carob after their supper. Isabella seemed to be eating catrob all night! Carob, in moderation is fine but I’m not sure in the quantity she was eating it.

I received an email containing a link to a documentary directed by the German guy who stayed at the camping during the winter a few years back. His Russian wife is raw vegan and they have a young daughter. They have been travelling for quite some time in their quest to promote sustainable living and general wellbeing. The latest film is about microorganisms and the important role they play in the gut. I’ve been taking my friendly bacterial capsules for some months but I’d like to find a more natural way to achieve the same goal. The film looks at Kombucha and the many benefits of eating or drinking other fermented, friendly bacteria-laden foods. I thought I might try to give it a go and maybe buy a bottle of commercial kombucha to use as a starter.

My supper has been suitably reheated so I shall now enjoy some lentils and vlita. I find vlita a little hard going when it’s cold from the fridge.


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