There have been calmer nights

We watched the episode of Foyle’s War where he returns from the US and is then persuaded to join MI5. It was still hot when the episode ended so I went outside and sat in front of the other fan whilst checking my eBay auctions on my laptop. I’d found someone selling a used SportDog collar set all packed up in it’s original presentation case. The auction started at something like £26 and I’d put a bid on my sniping engine which would go up to £41 in the final moments of the auction. There had already been a little activity as I’d seen a couple of petty bids so I knew others were watching. The kit was probably purchased sometime after 2007. The collar used a NiMh rechargeable battery and the transmitter required a PP3 9v battery. Very old technology. The interesting thing was that the transmitter could handle four collars at once and that there was a new and unused spare collar for the receiver. I considered £41 more than enough considering the battery in the collar would require changing and the guy wanted a further £5 to send it to a UK address.

The other item I was watching was a new SportDog rechargeable bark collar which normally retails around £120. It was listed at £49 which I considered a steal. I’d placed a snipe bid which comes only in the last couple of seconds of the auction of £61. The collar set finished first so I watched the final moments of the auction. My £41 bid ceiling had been passed earlier in the day so I was purely interested in how far it would go. The auction ended at £90! Search around and add another £40 and you have a brand new collar with the latest battery technology and a three-year warrantee.

The other auction wouldn’t finish until 01:30 my time so after all the excitement of the other auction, I decided to go to bed. I was sure it would be a warm night so opted to sleep outside in my hammock.

The first disturbance was around 01:50 due to cats fighting somewhere nearby. Luis cannot remain silent when this happens so I told him to shut up. After that, it was all downhill. I had Isabella beneath me and Skinny under the chair. Something else set them going around 03:00 the Skinny and Isabella thought they’d have a waltz on the decking. I encouraged them to desist but it was only once I’d clambered out of the hammock and made it very plain did we get any peace. It was hot, around 29℃ and there was a little wind but it was gusty. It was not really a very restful period. When the alarm sounded, Isabella was fast asleep under the hammock and there was quiet all around.

The FreeLoaders from the previous couple of days had left so we were able to go on our preferred circuit which takes in the Big Beach. The only other signs of life were from Kostas whose 4×4 was parked up and his torch bobbing around as he picked up his salt.

Luis and Charlie had their turn today on the second walk. By this time it was even hotter but there was a warm wind to accompany the heat. As we left, we took a detour into the field to look at the excavator and stack of timber delivered noisily the previous evening.

Isabella and Skinny have taken to biting through the fabric of the 10m lead. It has a number of partial cuts and has been reconnected a couple of times. Yesterday, I let Skinny and her play for a little while unattached and Skinny stayed with us. Today, after a little while, he went on his own walk although he was standing outside the gate to the field shortly after we got back. The only other excitement was a brief appearance by Plus One who found himself chased away by Charlie and Luis until I recalled them making it unequivocally plain this was unacceptable. I think they got the message. Isabella wanted to run after Skinny who was shadowing us from a distance however I kept her with the others. I can see I’m going to have to train Skinny with a collar and perhaps I’m now organised enough to be able to devote enough time to him whilst still keep track of the others. The bark collar is very similar to the remote collars so could be put on Luis or Fido freeing up a remote collar for Skinny.

The sea was a little choppy when I got in and became more so as time passed. Still quite swimmable and very pleasant just annoying. I got a hot shower in one of the cubicles as I didn’t much fancy the hosepipe when it’s windy.

I set off for Krios on my bike with limited energy as it was now over 30℃ and climbing. Gregor and his dogs were sitting in the shade under the trees. He was surveying the watering of the trees on the beach from his position. The dogs were more interested in being petted! I rode back under the increasing heat of the sun and decided this would be the end of the day’s activities.

I made my breakfast and then fed the dogs. I couldn’t find the measuring scoop which I’d inadvertently left out the previous evening. Isabella had reformed it into a piece of art nouveau.

The other highlights of the day include defrosting and cleaning the fridge, sweeping and mopping the van floor and making up the Doggy Dinners for later. For a change, I was ahead and had decanted the DDs into their bowls to cool. I was sitting on the seat by the pussy compound and could hear a sound from under the awning where I discovered Isabella helping herself to one of the bowls. She knew she was for the high jump and rushed inside the van hotly pursued by me. I locked her inside behind the Skinny-resistant gate and fed the others before her eyes. She has had sufficient food but not her normal quantity. Later, having been released, she took the chicken bones from on the table. I’d set these aside to give them to the cats as they like to chew them up to eat them. Usually, I give the corn cob to Isabella once I’ve finished eating it. Today, it’s sitting on a plate beside me but will eventually come her way.


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