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I came outside with the dogs at 21:00 to sit in front of the fan to chill out, literally. I didn’t have very much enthusiasm to move as it was still 31℃. The fan was cooler than it had been all day so it was pleasant to be sitting in front of it. Around 22:00 I put Fido, Luis and Oskar inside as both Luis and Oskar can decide to bark at things when the mood takes them. It wasn’t long before I fell asleep in my chair. Around midnight, I woke up and turned the fan off as it was now feeling a little cooler, then, around 03:00 I retired to the sanctuary of my hammock until it was time to get up.

I left my hammock to find Isabella, underneath the hammock, fast asleep, like the Princess and the pea, on top of a pile of dog blankets I’d stacked out of the way. Skinny didn’t initially seem in too much of a hurry to leave his position under the chair.

We crossed the field accompanied by a stiff breeze. The only presence on the Promontory, as far as I could see, was Kostas who was collecting salt. There are nearly always pairs of eyes which pop up from behind a rock or from within some bushes. I only have a red light on as I can see enough with that so pairs of red eyes look out at us as we pass. Fortunately, the dogs are usually too busy with other things to notice. The eyes probably belong to cats as I reckon there are a couple living out there.

Hop along was in the path just in front of the gate as we came back. For some reason, he probably startled a couple of the dogs so there was a bit of an outburst. At 06:00, this is not particularly welcome: I was unimpressed as the dogs quickly discovered. This event had marred my day so I marched all but the two larger dogs off to be put into the van. No second walk for the others as I was definitely not in the mood.

I took Skinny into the field to check on the progress of the excavator to discover they appear to be quarrying the outcrop of rock which is on one side of the field. I noticed a square marked out with stakes and string but these activities don’t look much like a construction project so far.

Isabella didn’t have anyone to play with but tried to play with Skinny except I wasn’t in the mood so stopped her. She had to content herself with racing around on her own. We walked down the beaches and back but met no one during the walk.

I went for a swim before going off to Petrakis for some groceries. The sea wasn’t calm more like ruffled. Petrakis was quite busy but I managed to get in and out reasonably quickly. The Canadian woman was on one of the checkouts so I had a quick chat with her. We agreed it was hot and she was looking forward to going home to her air conditioner. I rode back with the wind mostly behind me.

There has been more progress on the road as well as the pedestrian/cycleway. More of the carriageway is ready to receive tarmac and the pathway is coming along. The pathway seems to vary in width, having started off wide and proud from the Kountoura and Paleochora ends. It looks as though someone is just trying to finish the job off. Men were laying sets of some kind down the centre of the cycle path at the paleochora end. They are bedding them onto the rough concrete surface and taking a lot of effort. They have their work cut out if they plan to continue this the length of the project.

The dogs were suitably calm when I got back which was probably a vestige of my previous dissatisfaction with their behaviour. I let them out but put away the shopping and made my breakfast before feeding them.

Other than an email from Louise and a walk down to the bar to restart the WiFi, the day has been very slow. This has been a bit of a bonus as it has also been very hot. The hottest day of the year so far and the hottest July 30 since my records began.

It seems strange that tomorrow is 1 August as the camping is not very busy. In fact nothing is really very busy it would seem. Whilst at the bar, I asked Dimitris if everything was ok for his tills tomorrow. He tells me the VAT change will now occur in October!

I bought some spinach and beetroot this morning but have decided I want a cold meal so have cooked up the beetroot which are huge. I don’t feel that hungry when it’s hot so salad is just the right thing.

Tomorrow might be a little warm as the WU forecast is 36℃. The Grammeno temperature is often 2-3℃ higher than the forecast so we might even get to 40℃. This is nothing compared to temperatures in Baghdad and other locations in Iraq where it’s been consistently over 50℃ for the past week. Basra recorded 53℃ on Monday and Tuesday. Apparently, the highest temperature recorded was in Kuwait in 2016 when it reached 54℃. The highest temperature I’ve recorded here was 44.2℃ on 1 July 2017.


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