Somewhat lazy…

I watched Darkest Hour for some reason last night as I think I’d seen most of it before. I fell asleep during the final few minutes and woke up around 23:00. Not such a good plan as I had things to do so needed to wake up to do them. Consequently, I was awake until late. Not that it mattered as there were no important appointments the following day just the alarm at 04:30.

There was a little elephant activity just after 04:00. I had a grandstand position from my hammock. I got up as soon as the alarm went off and could hear the snores from the tent the other side of the fence. I took Isabella and Skinny first. With them immobilised I can take my time with the others as they can’t get up to mischief.

Four cars decorated the beach car park and Kostas passed us greeting me loudly as we walked up the Promontory. The FreeLoaders had conveniently located themselves in a protective corral on the seaward side of the Big Beach. It was, therefore, possible to navigate the beach without having to go too close to their tents. Just a question of stopping Skinny from being silly.

We did our rounds and went back. Today, I took Luis and Fido with Charlie for a change. Oskar and Obi went in the van. Their demeanour was blatant as I detached them from the others to lead them to the van. I wasn’t really up for taking them all up the river valley nor did I wish to have to avoid the inevitable tents on the beach, cars, vans and motorhomes. Only Fido didn’t have a collar and Skinny was on a line.

As predicted, there were cars, vans and tents further down so it was better with fewer dogs. We didn’t go all the way to the end as I didn’t see the point in passing the tents only to have to pass them again a few minutes later. Their presence was obvious from a distance so we sat down whilst Isabella played in the sea and tried to torture Charlie. She picks on him a little so I have to intervene when Charlie’s had enough. He doesn’t mind playful fighting but it can decay into more than that.

We headed back, passed Plus One near to Plakaki Hotel and then another dog which appeared to have broken loose judging by the miserable tether hanging down from its neck. I attempted to draw the others away but was not quick enough as a short incident ensued. Skinny provided strident musical accompaniment but we were slightly ahead. I encouraged the others to follow so Fido found himself looking lonely and followed on too. The whole event lasted only moments, but most of the inmates seem to get up early anyway. Had their dog been properly secured at the front of the building, we’d have passed unnoticed like on most other days.

There were people bathing at the southern end of Alonáki Beach so we took the high road to give them privacy and went back through the field with all but Isabella on the lead. She’s easier to manage when she’s free as she pretty much knows what to do most of the time. It doesn’t stop her from trying it on so we have plenty of work yet to do.

I went down for a swim once I’d secured the dogs and fed the pussies. The sea was warm following the heat of the previous day and the ambient temperature was also starting to rise. I swam from Grammeno Beach towards the Big Beach and got most of the way. I was spying on the FreeLoaders to see the extent of their encampment. Not so easy when it’s dark with no moon as it was when we were out walking earlier. I swam back and registered a whole 29m in my workout app. There is a comment that the GPS doesn’t work well underwater. I suspect I swam a little further than that in 30-odd minutes even though I’m an inefficient and far from strong swimmer. In any event, my Move Ring was closed so Job Done!

The water in the hosepipe was wonderfully warm despite having the main tap switched off due to a defective spray gun at the business end. There was no wind so I could enjoy myself. There’s more wind now so that rather puts paid to any thought of an external evening shower. It’s not so pleasant when it’s windy.

I fed dogs and myself then fell asleep in my chair to find my breakfast ready a while later. This snooze made up for the rather disjointed evening.

So what have I achieved on my Lazy Sunday? Not really that much I must confess. I communicated at length with Eleanor via text. She’d had some shelves put up by Matthew which enabled her the opportunity to make progress. Sophie was helping so I understand that things are moving along.

I rescued my other reclining chair from Janne’s decking where it has sat for some while looking as though someone might be in residence. This chair has a different covering so is more comfortable than the upholstered one when the weather is hot. The other one is very comfortable especially in winter. I checked over one of the dog remote collars to remove any dirt preventing a proper water seal as the dogs often bathe in the sea. I swapped out one of the spray guns on the hose pipe as the other kept sticking on. I prepared the Doggy Dinners and did some more texting. Not very vibrant really.

The evening is on the way, the dogs are fed and mostly quiet. Oskar’s let the side down by barking annoyingly so spent much of the day in the SDC. I could have put a collar on him but he responded to my verbal abuse.

Vehicles are leaving the camping as I see from my mosaic of cameras. I find it quite easy to keep track of events without actually deliberately sitting musing over the screen at length.

I suppose I’d better cobble together some food then choose some scintillating Sunday Evening Viewing. I could possibly join Mr OneDin as he’s traditional Sunday evening viewing…


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