Road progress – a tar dressing!

I started off outside yesterday evening but then went in due to the wind and the fact it was cooler. I was preparing to sleep inside but discovered later that the wind had dropped completely so hammock-sleeping was again on the menu.

I went initially to try it out but the trial was so successful I woke up around 00:30 then went around to turn everything off before going back to bed. The next thing I remember was the alarm going off at the usual time.

By this time, it was windy again and therefore quite pleasant out on the Promontory. There were a couple of cars parked up and we were soon to discover the whereabouts of the first lot of FreeLoaders and their dog. They’d pitched their tent not far off the main drag near to one of the entrances to the Promontory. There was a little stupidity mostly from Isabella and Luis who were equally culpable. Skinny provided the backing. This event set my Monday morning off in the wrong direction so I marched them all very briskly to the end of the Promontory, briskly marched round a couple of times then took them all back to the camping. All but the larger dogs were put in the van so I took only two for a very rapid walk up the river and back.

I was in Paleochora just after 07:30 and was riding back around 18:50 with the wind behind me. I unloaded the shopping before going down for a swim. It was windy but the sea was reasonable with only the occasional mouthful of seawater. It wasn’t the kind of morning for a long drawn out swim so I went for a hot shower in one of the cubicles rather than brave the hosepipe shower in the wind.

I even had time to dry off in the sun and sit down for a few moments. I let the dogs out after 09:00 and fed them then prepared breakfast for myself. They’d worked out I was a little less stressed with them so I had the usual posse of dogs hoping for odds and ends as I prepared my food. For some reason they seem to like sunflower kernels and will spend ages scratching around on the floor to find them. A great way to get the floor cleaned. The apples are getting smaller again so I’m putting a whole one in my porridge. Previously, they were so large I used only half of one. This means more apple core segments for distribution amongst the patiently-waiting throng. What also surprises me is that they like fresh apricot as well as dried. Peach is also well up the list. I find it interesting as I’d never considered dogs to be interested in fruit and vegetables to any great extent. As far as vegetables are concerned they are up for most things but prefer cooked rather than raw in many cases. In the evening they are waiting for bits of tomato which I remove from the centre. Some tomatoes are very large so can be a little woody in the centre, all this goes into the dogs together with cucumber, beetroot and olive stones.

For a Monday, it’s been quiet but then again it is August so people might be off enjoying their holidays. Only a couple of very simple IT support tasks from EG: a password change and a user suspension and mail redirection. Hardly too challenging. Much of the day has been spent just fiddling about and not really achieving anything of real note. The Doggies might disagree that the Doggy Dinner are not of real note as these were prepared quite early on. Half of them have now been consumed as would be expected for this time of the day. The remainder will go in the fridge for tomorrow evening as only a small, token biscuit distribution takes place in the mornings.

The Road Gang have been busy as there was a tar dressing over the bare rolled aggregate on the virtually completed sections. They are sufficiently far away that I’m unlikely to hear the machines at work but if things go as they did last time the surface was dressed with tar we’re likely to see the tarmacking machine back again soon. As for the road project being completed to the initial specification, I have my grave doubts. I suspect the project has run on and the money had run out so it will get to a certain point and that will be it. Even if we don’t get the lights and the completed pedestrian and cycle route hoped for, we have more than we did, some new drains and water supply and a better road than before. I may be proved wrong but don’t intend holding my breath.

After the wind subsided, the night became warm so I was happy to be sleeping outside. It was just under 30℃ as we left for the first walk but the wind made it feel a lot cooler. My trip into Paleochora was fighting the wind and it wasn’t actually too hot riding in. I was using quite a lot of assistance to combat the wind. If I’d been the only one pedalling, it might have been a different story. Today’s top temperature is 36.2℃ but it actually felt around 4℃ cooler due to the wind. I’ve not taken the SunBlocker down as the wind has only gusted once over 50km/h and the direction has been mostly northerly.

It’s time to get something on the go for supper. I suspect it might be salad again…


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