Full Moon

My hammock was cool and comfortable as I lay gazing at the full moon as it climbed slowly in the sky. It reminds me of an earlier visit to Greece with Danny when we took a ferry to Kythera with a couple of stray Dutch kids we’d adopted. I think they were cousins but I don’t remember. The girl was around 18 and the boy about 15 so of similar ages to Danny. They were on the campsite in Toló and we bumped into them when they were washing up. It was good for Danny to have someone of his age and took the pressure off me. The Dutch had run out of money before they ran out of holiday so were struggling to feed and entertain themselves. We went on a couple of trips together and finally ended up on Kythera. I left them all to it for a couple of days to have some time to read and chill out. I ended up sleeping outside in an old churchyard and it was full moon. I spent more time looking at the moon than sleeping. I’ve probably told this story before…

Incidentally, the next full moon is 2 September with two full moons in October!

There was only one car, other than Kostas’ on the Promontory and we didn’t find any FreeLoaders anywhere. We completed our circuits, picked up the others and went back to the camping to prepare for the second instalment. I’d considered taking all of them up the beaches then changed the venue to the river. I walked all but Isabella on the lead as far as the main road then released all but Skinny and Obi although he probably wouldn’t have gone AWOL and there were no living goats in sight. One particularly dead and smelly one was next to the access road decomposing enthusiastically.

We completed our 2.5km and turned back the way we came. Only Charlie went off for a wander and only Luis barked at the viscous guard dog who didn’t respond. He’d gone into hiding when we came back past his gate on the return run. The idea of looking at my lot again was probably too much for him. We went back the beach way and followed the shoreline so that some bathing could take place and to remove the mud and other unpleasantness.

Back at the camping, I left Charlie in the SDC and the others went into the van whilst I went swimming. The sea was pretty calm and pleasantly warm with only me in that bit at the outset. I swam over to the island by the Small Beach and back as I’d decided it was too hot for bike riding and allocated the time to swimming instead. It took me around forty minutes to complete the journey as I’m not a very efficient swimmer as I probably mentioned.

I took a hosepipe shower and sat in the warm morning sunshine to dry off. Very pleasant it was too. I sat for a little while to Elevate my brain before letting out the dogs locked inside the van and making my breakfast.

After breakfast I meddled around as there was not much else to do and quite hot. Surprisingly, after walking 8km or so, many of the dogs were flaked out. Even Luis made less noise than usual!

I amused myself by tinkering with the CCTV system to provide a changing mosaic of camera images with one large one in the middle. The restaurant and the entrance are probably of most interest at present so they are both big with smaller images around the two sides.

The kitchen is not currently working as they stacked the bread up on the shelving next to the camera and probably dislodged the mains plug. It will do Georgia some good to have a little mystery in her life and I’ll plug the camera back in tomorrow morning when I’m passing.

Louise called to say her computer had caught something nasty as she was being treated to a series of unwanted images and texts. I connected to her computer to install some software and showed her how to delete any malware it discovered. I like a little user participation occasionally.

All the animals are fed with only the fluffy mother cat yet to turn up if she’s not found something elsewhere. I’ve munched a corn on the cob and given the cob to Isabella to reward her for waiting patiently and unobtrusively as I ate the corn.

There are fine peaches and fresh apricots at present and I’m annoyed not to have purchased beetroot as that is very good too. We should be approaching the fresh fig season fairly soon so I’ve earmarked a couple of fig trees to investigate later in the month.

There are more customers in the camping. Most of the cabins and vans are currently occupied and there are tents scattered around. Hardly like a usual year when they’re jammed in everywhere. The sanitary facilities and kitchens are regularly cleaned and disinfected as are the sun loungers and restaurant chairs. Customer details are recorded in case of an infection and everyone must stop at the barrier to be let in or out.

Today’s high is 35.8℃ and the low 22.8℃ making for a more comfortable night and morning. It was starting to get warmer as we walked down the beach back from our valley visit.

With little else of interest, I shall extract the potatoes from the Pot and put them with my salad. These are definitely salad days.

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