One more week…

It was cooler last night so I slept inside for the first time in several days. I had to remove the accumulated clutter from my bed as it had become a temporary storage facility. I could have slept outside as the temperature rose as the night progressed so I was quite warm come the morning. At least Skinny was pleased to see me when the alarm went off as he came to welcome me to the day.

Some maggots were lurking on the east track up the Promontory so Skinny said good morning to them too. We didn’t pass that way on the return. Kostas wasn’t working otherwise he would have driven his 4×4 close to where the maggots were sleeping. These were the only FreeLoaders we discovered during our walk.

We completed our two circuits and headed eastwards towards the river valley and another walk for all the dogs. I detected a lower level of energy this morning, even from Isabella. VGD was flat out and didn’t even bother to raise his head as we trooped past. I released Luis and Fido and we processed up the valley is semblance of order.

There were goats lurking above us on the higher reaches of the mountains but they were sensible enough to remain were they were. We reached the turn-around point but continued a little further just because it was there. Our return walk down the valley was also pretty uneventful.

It is now possible to pass along the river bed as the bulldozers have been busy. In fact, there’s quite a decent stretch of flattened ground for a little while at least. The problem is getting in and out of the river bed due to the amount of stuff piled up at the edges. Clambering over it is a tough job as it’s mostly loose rock and rubble. Eventually, I reckon the area under the bridge will be made deeper as I assume the purpose of the exercise is to ensure there is no further flooding during winter rainstorms.

We processed along the seashore back to the camping whereupon the dogs went inside and I to the beach. Maria had been in the water a while but waved cheerily as she spotted me further along. There was a stiff breeze from the southwest which was pushing the sea towards the beach with a slight swell which made things more interesting. I came out after about twenty minutes as, like the dogs, I didn’t have a lot of spare capacity. I’d considered a ride into town but felt it better to take advantage of the time for other activities.

I put on the breakfast then fed the dogs. Oskar, Skinny and Isabella were present for anything which might come their way as I prepared my breakfast. They seem particularly interested in sunflower kernels for some reason.

There was a slight lull before my weekly call home and a quick call from Maria asking me to go to reception to install a network connection for one of the card machines. She’d ordered a cable from the bank and suggested it might trail over the floor to the router the other side of her desk. I said it would be better to put a switch near to the printer and card machine and to use the existing network cable. I didn’t have the time to do it then but promised to return in the afternoon.

I was just in time for my weekly call which took me into the afternoon.

I’d been working on Louise’s computer which contracted a virus earlier in the week. Unfortunately, the process of removing the virus had affected the computer which was now unable to start up. Later, we tried to restore it from an earlier version only to find there was a further problem with that. The current plan is to run the install routine which will require the computer to be set up again!

Other than that, the remainder of the afternoon consisted of very little other than prepare something for me to eat and get the Doggy Dinners ready. This time, I added water to the gloop which made it easier to distribute as well as look more. Like the previous day, the dogs pushed it aside and didn’t even look at it.

The camping is quite busy however Maria told me there would be a lot of people leaving tomorrow which is why she wanted the card machine connected to the network. Otherwise, it shares the telephone line of which there is only one for the entire camping. Using the Internet is a lot faster so the card can be processed in no time. Aris and I did a test and I paid €00.01 (1 cent) to the camping as a trial. Using my watch was extremely quick, almost instant!

The top temperature for today is 31.3℃ but it’s now only 28.2℃ as there are more clouds as well as southwesterly breeze. The forecast for the next few days is cooler with top temperatures of 27℃ – 31℃. Chilly for the time of the year. I might expect these temperatures in September but not mid-August.

I have cooked some beetroot and a corn on the cob is in The Pot. There is a pan with some lentils waiting to go on next. By the time I’ve left the cob to cool, the lentils will be ready so I’ll chuck in some cubed beetroot and it’s job done. I think there is a tomato and cucumber lurking somewhere in the fridge. I will need to go shopping tomorrow morning.

I received an email from Sascha saying that he and Steffie will be coming to the camping on 19 August which is good timing as it’s after the Dormition of the Theotokos weekend from 15 – 18 August. The camping will empty out just before they arrive. This year, schools are going back at the beginning of September so I understand. Usually, it’s mid-September.

The cob is ready so in with the lentils!

Waiting to share the corn cob…

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