Another night inside where perhaps outside would have been better as I woke up at 04:00 feeling hot. In the early part of the night there was activity without and I discovered the rental tents had relocated to the storeroom to be replaced by small, personal tents belonging to customers.

The same cars were in the car park and we discovered the maggots had moved further up the Promontory. There are far nicer places to sleep so I have no idea why they chose the location they did. The presence of the maggots meant some changes to our normal route. We only did one circuit today before setting off for the river valley once again.

It was getting light as we arrived however it was quite difficult to keep track of Isabella who is well camouflaged. She is the most active whereas the others are mostly content just to trundle along and keep to the track. I lost her at one point but she soon disappeared. VGD was slightly more interested and had positioned himself at his gate to watch us pass. Not a sound was made by any dog.

We walked as far up as yesterday but came back along some of the recently bulldozed river bed. It was flat but the rocks were not yet compacted so it was still quite hard work. We passed under the bridge which is easier for me as I don’t have to attach the dogs in order to cross the road.

We followed the shore and Isabella, Charlie and Luis went for a swim which washed off the mud and cooled them down. I collected them up at the other end of the beach and we went back to the camping. I took off my boots and went down for a swim. Maria was there but soon to finish up as the time was approaching 07:45. The sea was lumpy again making progress more difficult and I wanted to do stuff so didn’t plan to hang around anyway.

With the bags on the bike I headed off towards the office as Maria had called me the previous evening. She asked me if I could move the card machine I’d previously connected as she’d reorganised the office by moving the desk across the sliding doors so that the punters remained outside in the fresh air. I moved the machine and continued on my way to Petrakis for some groceries.

It was an in-and-out job as time was moving on. Maria called again but I didn’t answer as I was on the veg department and I’d be back at the camping soon anyway. It transpired that she wanted the other card machine moved too. Luckily, it was capable of being attached to the network so I just needed a longer ethernet cable and move some adaptors around and I’d be done. So much for the “one minute” job she asked me to do yesterday. She seemed surprised it took as long as it did. I could have done it more quickly but it would have been a bodge and I don’t want to have to keep going up there when things stop working.

It was heading towards 10:00 so the dogs were waiting for their breakfast which arrived after I’d prepared mine. I managed a little nap during the intervening period so it was 11:30 before I ate my breakfast. I still had Louise’s computer to reconfigure so we exchanged messages until I managed to get connected to it.

The day has degenerated into periods of rest, reading and Doggy Dinners, as well as Louise’s computer reconfiguration. At present, it’s not complete so we may need to devote some time to it tomorrow. At least it works!

The dogs have enjoyed another round of blended DDs with Isabella having just completed a final inspection to ensure there was nothing left on any of the bowls.

I’ve been watching Defending Jacob, an American courtroom drama, over the past week or so. Yesterday, I watched the penultimate episode where things are not looking too good for Jacob at present. Some unfortunate indiscretions have come to light which don’t help his cause. I shall probably wait until tomorrow evening in order to discover the outcome.

I was planning to do things with potatoes this evening but discovered I’d put them with the other stuff in the large display fridge in the Customer Kitchen. That fridge is full now that there are more punters onsite so I cannot be bothered to root through it to get out my potatoes. I believe the fridge could be used more efficiently if the punters were allocated a plastic crate into which they should store their stuff. At present, much of the room is squandered with plastic supermarket bags scattered all about. I had to move loads of bags to get my plastic crate in. Some people are organised and have placed cool bags in the fridge but I think a more organised approach is needed. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it as I suspect that’s just another ‘Bridge Too Far’.

It rained this morning for around two minutes. I suspected it would last long as the sun was shining. Long enough to wet the decking with a few drops landing on the back of my neck. Not enough to remove all the dust on my PV (PhotoVoltaic) panels. They don’t need to be clean as I have more electricity than I know what to do with. The winter might be a different story.

Oskar is studying the cat which is eating some of the food left by the Fluffy Mother Cat earlier. The cats are not eating so much as it’s hot and they are probably getting fed by the customers too.

The weather, other than the rain, exceeded the temperature forecast which has now been revised upward. The top temperature today is 31.1℃ with a low of 24.6℃. If the forecast lows are correct, it will be outside sleeping again for a while. It’s certainly a lot warmer than at the same time last night as I’d resorted to a shirt!

The elephants are cavorting on the decking which should hopefully dispose of some surplus energy leading to a peaceful night. I notice Charlie is keeping well out of it. The two of them play nicely but quite vigorously.

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