Luis’ Bottom Problem

I was in bed by 22:00 and asleep soon after. We’d watched the first instalment of Perry Mason followed by the first of Once Upon A Time In Iraq as recommended by Ursula. The first episode of the series looked at the period leading up to an including the invasion by US and UK forces including some from Australia and Poland. The US focusing on Baghdad, the UK on Basra. From the outset, the consensus is that it’s a disaster waiting to happen. It looks like an interesting series.

The night was cool and still as well as quiet. I prised myself out of the hammock at 04:25 as I’d been awake since 04:00. The moon is well through its phase but still provides useful light. Some revellers were on Grammeno Beach enjoying themselves enthusiastically. I parked Luis, Fido and Charlie as Oskar had decided to stay behind again. Obi, Skinny, Isabella and I walked around three times and then collected the others. We’ve not seen Kostas for a few days so I should imagine he’s filled up the rocks with water so waiting for evaporation to come into effect to leave the salt for him.

It was getting light as we walked down the track and light enough when we arrived at the river. We crossed the road on the outbound route and went under the bridge on the return. We followed the same course as the previous day returning via the river bed. Today, the bulldozer and its keeper were preparing for the day. It started up as we arrived and the operator gave a cheery wave and said good morning as we passed. He’s doing a great job of remodelling the valley floor. VGD actually barked again today but I expect it was in response to Charlie squeaking following an attack by Isabella who seemed particularly vigorous this morning. He was not on his chain so wandering amongst the machines.

Luis viciously attacking Isabella. You can see how concerned she is…

We walked back along the shore so that they could have a swim. Only Oskar and Skinny didn’t go in for immersion. I went off for a swim once we arrived back at the camping.

My next trick was to ride to Paleochora for some groceries and I was back by 08:50! No hanging about today.

Luis was a little noisy early on so confined to the rope next to me. He’s been out for a couple of trips to Alonáki Beach to dip his bottom in the sea. He’s suffering from dermatitis caused by excessive licking due to fleas. This is a recurring problem for him. I tried to get in touch with the vet in Chania but have yet to receive a response. I suspect he may be on holiday. Hopefully, regular dunking in the sea will alleviate the problem.

Otherwise, it’s been a quiet day spent mostly in front of the cooler in the shade. The top temperature is 37.4℃ with a low 11.1℃ lower. The wind has helped but did not seem as strong as predicted. However, if the forecast for Friday is correct, we can expect gusts over 90km/h.

The Holiday Weekend is looking quite windy on Friday and Monday.

Aris told me about a fire up in the mountains to the north of here which could turn quite serious with a wind behind it. I mentioned I was concerned about the level of precautions on the camping and the lack of concern for keeping the other entrance free of parked cars and the barrier unlocked. There is a line of resinous trees along the beach front which would go up very quickly spreading fire through the camping from tree-to-tree. Fire was one reason for me to construct a gate into the field since I’m surrounded by fences and buildings on three sides so figured an additional exit might be a good idea.


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