Wot no FreeLoaders?

I watched the second part of the BBC ‘Once Upon A Time In Iraq’ documentary where the initial euphoria of the invasion gradually fades through attempts to put things right to outright, unmitigated violence to the people of Iraq. The narrative ties in with my general perception of the Iraq war and the painful aftermath. How any Iraqis have time for Americans I have no idea. My other viewing choice was Scott and Bailey which turned out to be very exciting. They are, one might say, the Mancunian version of Cagney and Lacey.

I retired to my hammock and had a pleasant sleep until around 04:00 when I woke up due to some minor interruption. Possibly a Caterwaul of the feline variety. I noted the temperature had fallen dramatically from 30℃ at bedtime to 29℃. There was some initial breeze which helped out.

I gathered the dogs and we set off to the Promontory expecting it to be packed with FreeLoaders. I did, at least, I have no idea what the dogs were thinking. There was not a single car in the car park and no evidence of any FreeLoaders. We completed our three laps and returned to the parked dogs to find them all flat-out in the sand. The stress was getting to them. I managed to galvanise them into some semblance of activity so we could process towards the next part of our demanding activity schedule.

Things were pretty much unaltered from yesterday although some of the holes had moved and BullDozer Man had been busy bulldozing. VGD made more noise but this was after we passed by. Luis, against my bidding, had barked at him, however, he made no response. The sounds I heard later were more likely to be “what about me?” rather than aggression as it could be that he is envious at the prospect of going for a walk with others. Only speculation as I’m no expert in the doggy psyche.

The return trip was via the river bed which is becoming progressively easier to walk on. Some work is required under the bridge as it’s still necessary to clamber up a massive shingle and rock bank to make it to the sea. We stuck to the shore as long as possible but the maggots were scattered on the beach and some maggot-drowners were brandishing their equipment at the water’s edge.

Luis and I wandered down to the sea for his ritual dunking. I then fastened him to some rocks so he would witness that I do actually swim about and not just lounge on a sun bed watching the seconds tick by on my activity app. He made a little noise but there was no one near to hear him and I was talking to him from the comfort of my sun lounger.

We returned to the van where I posted his soggy body in with the others. I grabbed a hot hosepipe shower and then went off to Paleochora for a jaunt. There were three mature dogs loafing at the PAWS Puppy Village. Not a puppy in sight. The incumbents were unimpressed by my presence so I continued with my tour. I visited a shop which sells loads of hardware and farming equipment hoping I might source an electric fence locally. He said he didn’t stock such items. Ordinary fence in plastic or wire yes.

I rode back to the camping, fed the dogs and made breakfast. Only one support call from Inter Sport following up from yesterday’s printer problem. I was told they’d brought an identical printer from the Seaford store which confirmed my diagnosis that the fault was elsewhere probably the configuration which Richard had initially done.

The morning slipped away. I took down the SunBlocker as it was windy. It’s a little bigger than the original and I don’t want it to go the same way and rip at the ends.

The afternoon was equally uneventful. The dogs slept and so might have I.

There has not been a huge mass of arrivals but this could change during the evening and tomorrow. People will probably come after work or early tomorrow. There is wind forecast for tomorrow morning although Sunday should be calm. The wind may again be with us on Monday. I was looking at the number of cars in the car park as I rode through this morning. Fewer than would be expected under normal circumstances however a reasonable number considering.

I noticed a Romanian-registered car parked at Cedar Bay Villas. At least there are three vehicles so likely that all of the villas are let. The clients are normally from UK however there may have been cancellations. I would expect things to settle down once the children go back to school and people stop travelling on holiday, however, the current situation is fluid.

Obi has been entertaining Isabella out on the decking but Skinny seems now to have taken over. Luis, following a little barking at a customer who dared walk their dog around next door in Janne and Erica’s area, is sitting quietly next to me. Oskar has also done a little barking but is now relaxing on the decking watching the black and white idiot show. If they manage to wear themselves out without making much noise, that will be a good thing.

Some potatoes and spinach are now cooked for this evening’s supper. I was a little lazy yesterday so contented myself with tomatoes, olives and rusks. It had been hot so I wasn’t very hungry.


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