Boogie nights

I (re)watched another excellent episode of Foyle’s War where MI5 agent Foyle was delving into a Russian spy ring giving away the location of UK safe-houses.

I wandered out to the loo to discover a large empty area adjacent to my northern boundary. I know it would be only minutes before it would be filled and it was. Noisy young people who were still setting up until 23:00. I can sleep through most things even when outside on the decking. They must have had to have listened to me snore! What did disturb the peace was an impromptu party on Alonáki Beach. This went on all night and was still going when we were walking back from the Promontory part of the walk.

I’d managed to get all the dogs out without them barking at the cats of anything else. We walked past the beach party. They were making so much noise and enjoying themselves, it was dark, so they wouldn’t have noticed a Division passing by. Only two FreeLoader tents were in occupation near the Big Rock other than those at the end of the beach to do with the musical evening.

Passing the new loos, a young woman was waiting outside. I wished her good morning but she replied with goodnight. I insisted it was morning.

VGD was silent as we approached and past his domain but sorrowfully vocal upon our departure. Maybe he does feel left out. He’ll have to have a chat with his owners.

We walked up and then back via the river bed. The remodelled area has been extended and several truckloads of the material dug up further down is being brought up to reinforce the caged rocks. We had to clamber over it. Everyone remained reasonably together except for some acceptable excursions as we were on the way back.

Most were in the sea and all but Fido, who went walkabout, were back in the camping whilst I went swimming with Luis. Fido was making pathetic dog noises having found himself on the wrong side of the field gate. I swam for around twenty minutes, got a shower and rode into Paleochora for some shopping. I only thought I needed a few things but came back with two bags full of shopping.

It was getting warm so I put on my breakfast, fed the dogs then sat down for a little while.

My weekly call home was postponed for an hour due to operational difficulties at the GreyFriars end. I used to time to prepare the Doggy Dinners which are now waiting to be eaten.

The remainder of the afternoon drifted past. It was hot with a maximum of 38℃ and a minimum of 26.5℃ at 07:20. I finished off the Doggy Dinners and left them to cool. Very little of any note transpired although I did clean my glasses. What a difference that makes!

I’m disinclined to cook anything so will indulge myself with some of the tomatoes purchased this morning. I bought some corn but really can’t be bothered to cook it.

Hopefully, tonight will be quieter than last. Another 15 August will have been and gone. The punters will have another great day in the sun tomorrow, starting to leave Monday afternoon and it will be all downhill to the Winter Season. I suspect winter will be like it was when I was first at Grammeno in 2013, just me for the majority of the time. What a shame! We will see whether Kirsti, Jorma and Siiri consider it worthwhile travelling from Finland to Grammeno. Their journey would require passing through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia before Greece. Plenty of scope for mishaps during the 3,700km journey. They probably won’t do it all in one day and Kirsti would have time to knit garments for her family and friends! My special socks will not see the light of day for a few months yet.

The WiFi network dashboard tells me there are over 400 wireless devices attached to the network. Hopefully, they will not want to operate all at once since there are only 253 possible IP addresses available of which a goodly number are already taken up by infrastructure devices. I’ve changed the lease time to ten minutes so each device would be kicked off after ten minutes of inactivity. It’s the equivalent of making waiters walk faster to so it appears there are more of them. In reality, a device only needs to be connected when it accesses the network and most go to sleep very quickly when left unused. I’ll have to do some modifications when it quietens down a little as short lease times create loads of network traffic as all the devices try to find each other. I must get it together with IPV6 as it’s so much more efficient!

I think it’s time to go and do something exciting with tomatoes and leave the Elephants to their diurnal games.


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