Eight Dogs

I slept in. Not as in long sleep in the morning but as in inside. I had to clear the junk off my bed before I could get in as it’s been a while since I slept there. It didn’t take any time for Skinny to adjust as he was there to welcome me to the morning darkness.

There was no messing so Oskar and Charlie were given the choice to come for the walk or come for the walk. Encouragingly, they chose to come for the walk so there were no false starts or going back for moaning dogs.

Few cars littered the Beach Car Park and I think Lady with Dogs may have gone home as there was no barking either when we arrived or left. I parked the Four and took the Three on their daily jaunt, this time via the Big Beach as there were no FreeLoaders to be seen.

As we were leaving the Promontory we encountered a man with a dog who was sort of looking out for us as I’d told Sascha the rough program we keep in the mornings. After a bit of predictable stupidity from Isabella and Skinny, we set off for the river walk following our usual route. We crossed the road even though this is not really necessary as we can easily get under the bridge as most of the rubble is removed.

I let Isabella off the lead so she immediately pounced on a very surprised Zora who is not used to playful puppies. Zora was very controlled considering Isabella was right in Zora’s face. I said I didn’t mind if Zora gave Isabella a telling off but I finally intervened for the sake of Zora’s patience. Isabella turned her attentions to Oskar and Charlie, poor sods. She had someone new to show off to so was extra lively this morning.

We went up to the 2.5km marker before returning initially via the track then descending into the valley floor. BullDozer Man had extended his circle of influence further up so it’s not necessary to negotiate boulders and rough ground for so long, only at the beginning. We said thank you to him as we walked past. He must have thought “There goes that Crazy Englishman with all the dogs joined by another foreigner and his dog”. He was too polite to actually say this aloud.

When we reached the sea, Sascha let Zora off the lead so that all the dogs could play in the sea then he set off back to his caravan as I was going the other way across the field.

I stashed the dogs and went down to the sea for a swim. Initially, I was alone so far as I could see but later joined by a man who swam past me and then swam back. He was doing front crawl so not hanging around. I was still on my way out when he’d got out of the water. I think I was in for about forty minutes.

I had a shower under my hosepipe then fed the dogs as I was feeling munificent. The morning breakfast rigmarole ensued.

I had a couple of support tasks, ate my breakfast then started on the Doggy Dinners. The fridge is now bare so I shall need to visit Petrakis in the morning or we shall all go hungry. Well, fresh food at least.

The remainder of the day passed me by but I found time to vacuum and wash the van floor so have been luxuriating in that ‘no gravel on the floor’ feeling. It will last about two hours/minutes maximum.

I spoke to Simon Lawrence who asked after my sanity as I’ve been updating Jean’s laptop. He had to travel to London to return his e-bike for a warrantee repair so braved the train to London Bridge. He’s having them ship the bike back to him when it’s fixed. Apparently, e-bikes are selling like hotcakes. All bikes are selling well since the Pandemic began. People have found it’s possible and preferable to cycle to work than be crammed on a train. The cost of an e-bike is quickly set off by the saving in fares. It’s interesting how we keep doing something until forced to change and then see that the new way is better.

I have updated the website template so you may notice a difference if you login or are a subscriber.

I have a corn on the cob in the Pot but put it there rather late so it may end up being desert. So there you have it!

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