Elephants on the decking

Another night inside as the forecast predicted wind however it didn’t materialise; assuming wind is supposed to materialise. It was a little warm at times and an annoying mosquito was whining outside of my anti-mosquito netting.

Skinny was on hand to greet me however I was a little confused as I’d updated my watch to a Beta version of the next operating system which has a different alarm sound to the previous one. Apple has also included a rudimentary sleep app which does lots of useful things including changing the display to a huge digital one and dimming it nicely. The app also turns off any possible nocturnal annoyances such as messaging alerts or phone calls. There is not a feature to silence Luis when he barks at pussy fights so I shall ask for that to be added to the next service update.

Charlie and Oskar were unceremoniously added to the walking group so there was no messing about. We set off just after 05:00 by the time I’d got everyone ready.

There were few cars in the car park so we didn’t fall over any FreeLoaders. They are out there somewhere but not in my way so I care not. I parked the Four and did the rounds with the Three before heading off down the road, direction river valley.

No foreigners with dogs were visible so I expect he was having a relaxing sleep after his busy day. The guy with the pickup who comes every day to watch the dawn rise was present as was a little group of caravans which has been there several days. The others appear to have gone elsewhere.

Today, we walked up the river bed and back down the track. I conclude this to not be such as good plan as it’s uphill on the way out and the track is easier than the now cleared river bed. BullDozer Man was sitting in his cab as we walked back along the track so we exchanged greetings. I was not wearing my shirt as it was warm.

We went down to the seashore but the sea was rougher than the past few days so there was little appetite for bathing although it didn’t stop Charlie. We continued along the beach and they spotted The Rug who was on WalkAbout so gave chase. I let them run a little before calling them back. Some technological assistance was required in order to get their attention.

I’d planned to go shopping as there is no fresh food left apart from half a cabbage in the customer kitchen fridge. However, the sea was calmer on the Grammeno Beach side so I ended up swimming longer and then going for a warm, inside shower in the cubicle as it was windy. Showering outside when it’s windy is not top of my list.

I called Eleanor following a message to say she was awake and didn’t get on with feeding the dogs or myself. I was still stuffing my face when it was time to make the weekly call home.

The remainder of the afternoon was taken up with backing up Jean’s old laptop and updating the new one. Once I finally managed to get her to set them up and give me the information needed to work with them.

There was little other productive activity other than to put the SunBlocker back up as it wasn’t as windy as forecast. It is now quite windy however I think it has maxed out so I’ll not take it down again.

The camping has fewer tents than last weekend however that was the Holiday Weekend. Some who stayed on have now left and I suspect there may be a bit of an exodus tomorrow.

I’d not checked the official Greek Government CoVID statistics for several days so was quite shocked to see how the numbers of reported cases have increased, far exceeding the numbers previously recorded during and after lockdown. The official statistics only include individuals who are hospitalised, have seen a doctor or reported their condition. I understand that many Greeks who may develop symptoms or go on to have the disease will do everything possible to avoid a visit to the doctor or a hospital. Today also marked the first cases in a refugee camp on one of the islands. I suspect Greece is going to be unable to retain its conservative position in the statistics. Crete reported fewer than twenty cases until recently. Even during lockdown. That number is fast heading towards two hundred which I suspect is only the tip of the iceberg. Any tourists falling ill with the virus whilst on holiday will be looked after by the Greek Government free of charge.

It’s getting windy but it’s from the east so the SunBlocker can stay up for now at least. There are some lentils in the Pot so I’ll not starve tonight especially as I was having breakfast past midday!


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