Laptops and files

It huffed and puffed but it didn’t blow down my SunBlocker as I’d taken it down already. So I was glad I did.

I slept on my bed which started out as being a good idea until the wind stopped and it got very hot despite having the roof vent and both cab windows open. As a consequence, I was awake at 04:00. Technically, we should have been out early for our walk however it was a bit of a palaver marshalling the mutts so it dragged on a bit.

We eventually got out of the starting gate, across the field and up the road to the Promontory. There were probably fewer cars but scattered indiscriminately and the big watering flood from the day before merely an area of wet sand. Previously, there was a significant water spout squirting upward which was carried by the wind forming a lake which we skirted around to avoid getting our footies wet.

I deposited the Four and took the Three for their trips around the Promontory of which there were only two as it was hot and getting light enough to go down to the River Valley. We picked up the remainder of the rabble and set off riverwards.

Today, I decided to stick to the track both directions as I was quite keen to get back at a reasonable time as I wanted to go to Petrakis for some fresh food. A further consequence was that we walked back along the beach track and not along the seashore.

I went for a swim but didn’t attempt any heroics as it was occasionally windy and I was on a shopping mission. I did, however, allow time for a hot indoor shower which was very pleasant other than the shower head being broken and water squirting out in directions it shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll pick up a showerhead at the €1 shop one day.

I decided I wanted to get in and out of Petrakis quickly but ended up chatting to Yiannis about his matching T-Shirt and face mask. There’s nothing like being a fashionable grocer as Arkwright might have said.

The trip back to the camping was faster than the outbound due to the predominantly easterly wind. It seems work on the road has come to a halt and it wouldn’t surprise me if this remains the case for some time.

I released the dogs and fed them immediately as I’m a kind person and took the opportunity of getting their food ready before opening the van gate and them bursting forth.

I prepared my own breakfast then received an email from Jean asking about her laptops. Both had disappeared from my remote access software in the night and I think the old one had crashed whilst trying to do the backup. I, therefore, determined to finish off the transfer manually which is a bind as it takes time and requires periodic supervision.

Other than preparing the Doggy Dinners, much of my day has been taken up with manually transferring files. I did spend time putting up the SunBlocker and also picking up the poo! As is the norm, my day has been busy but not terribly active after the initial burst of energy.

There appear to have been more cars leaving the entrance than arriving so it will be interesting to see how many tents are still present tomorrow morning.

Skinny and Isabella have shared the cob from my corn so I shall now retire inwards to get something to eat with my vlita.


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