Steffi, Zora and Sascha move house

Only one van and one car were parked in the beach car park. A small tent with a dull red light at the entrance was pitched north of the Big Rock on the Big Beach. We were upon it before we saw it, despite the little light. We trudged on by and repeated one more lap whereupon the light was out, however, the final circuit took in the easterly track both ways.

Oskar had hidden himself out of my reach in the space behind the van dashboard as he was determined to be left behind. I don’t have a problem with this so long as I can rely upon him to remain silent whilst we’re out. Only six dogs walked up the track following the river valley to be passed by BullDozer Man is his Mitsubishi. This time I was able to get them nicely out of his way. He continued up the track with Isabella pursuing his van. At least doing this she was getting exercise and not trying to annoy Charlie. I made sure she didn’t annoy Charlie right from the outset.

We turned and walked back down the river bed but didn’t pass the bulldozer as now he’s much further up. I also managed to get the dogs not to go into the nasty water seeping from the properties next to the road bridges. It has an interesting green slime on the surface now. The area south of the bridge is levelling out nicely so much easier to negotiate. The right-hand bridge portal, going north to south, is still blocked by debris. The deadline is the first heavy rain which could come as soon as September.

Obi was amongst those who had a swim. He likes to actually go in all the way and swim around. I put him on a long lead as I don’t want him sloping off back to the camping. Once most of the punters have left, I’ll be less bothered.

It was warm and humid this morning so lethargy was present. I put the dogs into the van then want down to the sea for a swim. Aris and his dog were there. He went for a swim but it was a most perfunctory affair. In, a few strokes around, out and then off up the beach back into the camping. I, meanwhile, carried on a little while coming out after eighteen minutes only as I needed to go shopping. There were waves and a little swell unlike the flat calm of yesterday.

I grabbed a shower, got dressed and set off on my bike for Petrakis. I passed Sascha who was preparing his van to be dragged off up the mountain to its new resting place at Spaniakos.

The trip into Paleochora was against the wind so I needed extra help as it was hot. The supermarket wasn’t too busy but I was in, out and back at the camping just after nine. The second of my Tesco hessian shopping bags is splitting. They don’t make things the way they used to!

There has been some support calls today from Jean, Simon and Inter Sport. Nothing very exciting or interesting.

I noted this morning there is only one tent remaining in the section north of me! Yippee! Perhaps soon, they may go too. I have nothing personally against them just find it restricting to have to be considerate towards them: not that they are anything like as close to me as some of the others.

The dogs have devoured the second portion of their Doggy Dinners so are now in a more relaxed state other than Skinny who has tied himself around the flower planter tyre so is in a muddle.

Now that Luis has his bark collar, the Luis Fluffy Pussy warning system no longer functions so I have to listen out for when she comes to the fence for her food. Luis’ barking used to alert me to her presence. I’ve not seen the other young male for over a week now so the car food is lasting a little longer. They eat less in the summer anyway. Just the mother and two of her three offspring remain.

Skinny and Isabella and munching the cob from the corn I’ve just eaten. Tonight will be another salad night as it’s still hot and sticky.


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