Poor Luis…

Apart from a brief awakening around 03:00, my hammock kept me asleep. It was at 04:30 the alarm jangled my brain into some semblance of operation. In fact, this morning we managed to get out of the gate by 04:55! I blocked Oskar’s access to the behind-dashboard area so he has no opportunity to hide and be inaccessible so has to submit to being put on the lead. Once he’s out, he’s fine anyway.

There were none, zero, no vehicles in the beach car park together with an equal number of [discovered] FreeLoaders on the Promontory. We were able to wander at will, it was a little cooler, we could make good time so we were walking down the road towards the valley in semi-darkness.

The valley walk was without excitement other than a slightly prolonged absence by Charlie who’d probably gone exploring. He likes to wander up into the mountain as we walk back down the river bed and this time he was away for a while. He came running back just as we reached the road bridge. Again, it was only Isabella who went in the sea although Charlie had a bit of a paddle in the water at the end of the river.

I was keen to get back seeing as I was on a mission to visit the bus station to collect the parcel Stavros had sent from Maléme as well as a visit to Petrakis for some bits. It’s easier to not have to drag a huge amount of vegetables around the shop and I needed a couple of heavy items as well.

The run to Paleochora was reasonably speedy as there was little wind. I didn’t want to hang about as I hadn’t been in the sea which was the plan when I got back. Going early, one ends up fighting the restaurants for the vegetables however they are usually buying quantities on account anyway.

I came back to Grammeno at a good rate then walked down to the sea. I was alone other than a woman with a small boy. I didn’t really have the time for a long swim so contented myself with twenty-five minutes or so. Aris arrived with his dog as I was walking up the beach so I warned him about the wetness of the water.

I released the dogs, took a hosepipe shower and started to prepare my breakfast before feeding the dogs. I unpacked the parcel containing the medication and drew the product from the little bottles into a syringe for measuring and dispensing. Buying a product for a 60kg dog is the same price as the product for a smaller one.

Poor Luis is in a bit of a state due to the delay in getting the medication. I asked the vet in Chania ages ago but he seems to be suffering from a communication breakdown. I must remember to buy a load of product the next time I contact the Spanish Veterinary supplier where I buy the Leisgard. Everything is cheaper from there even more so taking into account the delivery costs. The more you buy the cheaper the per-item costs.

Luis has been dosed and has had a quiet day hopefully scratching a less. It will take a little while for the fleas and their eggs to die. I’ll start dunking him back in the sea in a few days then reapply the product after about one week. The second application should put paid to any stragglers and prevent more fleas from the other dogs or the environment. All of the dogs have now been dosed with topical treatment. The most difficult were the largest. Isabella has memories of being stabbed by Stavros the vet and by me when she was ill back in March. Skinny is just a wuss.

Other than dogs, it’s been a busy day with some support calls mostly related to EG and their various websites. The main website appears to have been under attack and was again attacked when I put it back up again after leaving it down for 45 minutes. I did some messing in the Courses site which launches today. It’s unhelpful having the main site not working when the other is being launched.

I have contacted the UPS subcontractor on Crete responsible for delivering my electric fence, hopefully on Monday. But I won’t hold my breath…

The day has been warm and sticky however tomorrow is forecast to be cooler. A cool day won’t be too much of a hardship as the heat and humidity is a little wearing after a while. I understand the west of the British Isles has had some rain in places today.

You may be pleased to know that the EG main website is not operational so hopefully, the Americans will be able to enjoy everything the Guild has to offer as they should be coming online about now. Barbara, in Melbourne, is probably in bed by now and was bemoaning the cold and windy weather. They have winter in the Antipodes too you know…

19:15 so time for some supper. Skinny has already gone inside as far as the length of his line allows him. It will be strange if I can keep him in the compound without him jumping the fence or needing to be on a line.


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