Boozing it up!

I watched another exciting episode from Foyle’s War involving a former SS officer, accused of war crimes, wanted by the Americans, but being sheltered by the British because of his usefulness with the Russian spy network. An interesting ethical conundrum. Sub-plots included the political career of Adam Wainwright, Sam’s husband and supposed dodgy dealings with land sales.

Fido needed a wee around 03:00 and, as I didn’t want him to pee his pants I got up out of my hammock to let him out. It was quite pleasant out and, like a good boy, he was reasonably quick. From a deep, dreamless sleep the alarm vibrated me awake and the day began. I couldn’t hear snoring from my closest neighbours but we managed to get out in a reasonably orderly fashion.

I counted about seven vehicles in the beach car park to be expected early on a Sunday morning in August. Skinny, Isabella, Obi and I found a couple of tents on the Big Beach as well as others sleeping on the Small Beach. Skinny detected the Small Beach sleepers because of his bionic nose and I spotted them whilst out swimming later. We also said good morning to Kostas as he arrived in his car to collect the salt. It’s good to get there before him sometimes.

We completed our laps, collected the others and then set off for the river. VGD was resting but fairly interested as we passed as he managed to stagger to his feet and even wag his tail a little! Our walk was interrupted only by passing the lady with the dog as we were going back. We’d encountered some noisy dogs on the corner of Alonáki Beach Road so we went back to Grammeno via the main road on the new pavement. Only one car was parked on the pavement!

Some dogs barked as we passed a couple of houses but they were less noisy than the lot from earlier. I also had the opportunity to spy on the construction work in the field adjacent to the camping where it looks as though a new villa with pool is being constructed. My do they have deep foundations!

I deposited the dogs and went down to the sea to find myself enjoying a lovely swim out to the little island on a millpond. It was warm and calm with plenty of other people were amusing themselves in the water. The sea is fairly large so I didn’t mind.

I took an indoor shower, returned to the dogs just before 09:00, let them out and made breakfast for myself having fed them.

Sascha called to say that he had a problem with the iPad he’d set up for his friend Martin who’s been helping with the works at Spaniakos. Somehow, the password had been lost so a laptop was needed in order to reset the iPad, according to the instructions.

Sascha arrived and Steffi and Zora went to the beach for a swim. We tried to reset the iPad using the instructions in German without success. Flippantly, I suggested instructions in English might work better so searched the Internet on my laptop. I found out that it’s possible to reset the ipad from the Find My Device app which does as the title suggests. Using this, and the Apple password Sascha had cunningly remembered, we were able to reset the iPad in no time.

I thought it might be better if Martin uses a very simple password and not the touch ID as he might have problems with this. Sascha and I chatted a while until he discovered the various messages from Steffi who as getting bored at the bar with Zora. He set off to meet Steffi and Zora at the bar leaving his vaping device on the table so I followed him down there to return it to him.

Dimitris came to serve them and insisted I drank a non-alcoholic beer as otherwise, he’d have loads left over when they close the bar and restaurant in a couple of weeks! I was still chatting at 15:00 when I felt I should leave to get the DDs out of the fridge and do something useful.

I hadn’t planned to do much today so my plans came to fruition. Other than the iPad, I’ve been playing with Inter Sport’s mail server as that is still having problems with updates. I’m trying a different strategy this time having installed the same updates yet again. This time I shall completely shut the instance down and give it a cold boot. It probably won’t make any difference but it’s worth a go.

The dogs have had the other half of yesterday’s DDs and Isabella is carrying out some vital quality control on all of the bowls to ensure that every last little morsel has been eaten and nothing is forgotten.

I discovered that the Fluffy Mummy Cat seems to like eating Isabella’s quality low-fat doggy biscuits. The other cat who produced kittens back in the Spring also appeared and was happy to eat some of the budget-brand cat food provided as a bonus with my pet food order. I think I saw her romantically involved with the large male with the bushy tail yesterday so we may have some more kittens in around eight weeks time. If the opportunity arises, I shall get both of those two to the German vets during the winter. That will put paid to their fun and games!

My closest neighbours are now further away as the others left earlier. It’s possible that more will leave before dark having made the most of the day. We’ll see what next week and the weekend will bring. This one has not been too bad considering. I’m sure Georgia would tell a different story.

Another Sunday draws to a close. I’m still waiting for the mail server to shut down and I feel sticky. I could go for another shower but… It’s been warm with a maximum temperature which feels like 38℃ due to the humidity. We’ve had little wind for several days so it’s quite clammy today. I’d planned more adventurous food tonight but it’s going to be salad again as it’s so humid. I suspect I’ll be sleeping in my hammock again.

It’s shut down so now I’ll go and start it!


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