I slept inside for a change as it was cooler. In fact, it’s beginning to get cooler mornings and evenings but still plenty hot enough during the day. Cool mornings are great as it’s possible to get things done. I can do much more when it’s cooler.

Fido needed a wee at 04:00 so I shuffled to the end of my bed so that I could open the van gate to let him out. Now that the gate is taller I can reach it to open and close it from the comfort of my boudoir.

I went back to sleep once Fido came back in so was woken by the alarm. Getting up at the normal time, we were out of the gate by 05:55 and on our way across the field and down the road. There were no cars or FreeLoaders so the only other human was Kostas who we saw but he didn’t see us. I think he was working on his pump although I passed him on the road on my way to Krios later.

We completed three speedy circuits of the Promontory then set off for the River Valley walk. It was just after 06:00 so still proper dark. VGD was surprised to witness us looming from out of the gloom but then I was surprised that BullDozer Man would be arriving so early too. He’s working further up so we only see him on the road. I suspected he was ahead of us yesterday as I could see some fresh tyre tracks going through the puddles as we walked up the road by the river bed. He waved and beeped his horn as he drove past.

We got to the turning point and headed back down towards the sea with little ado. Isabella found something, probably a cat, on the river bank and they joined in to see what it was. The animal made off pretty sharpish quite sensibly.

Once back at the camping, I deposited the dogs before heading out to Krios for a ride. There was no one on the beach and Gregor was probably just setting off from his caravan. I headed back because I wanted to swim.

I had the sea to myself but there was an annoying wind pushing me onto the rocks and making waves. I should have gone along the beach to the west out of the wind. As it was, I made it to the island then allowed myself to drift in towards the Big Beach with the wind and waves. I walked back to Grammeno Beach to pick up my shoes then to the van.

I released the dogs, had a shower, fed them and prepared my breakfast.

There have been a few support requests but nothing too exciting. I wandered up to the office as Maria was unable to print an urgent document. It transpired that the printer had slipped into a coma from its sleeping state. It must have a boring life as there’s not much printing to do.

Later in the afternoon, I took Luis for a bathe on Alonáki Beach then I went back again to bathe myself in the sea for a little while. It was warm with little waves as there was a breeze from the east. Few of the assembled multitudes were swimming, either sitting under the trees or at the water’s edge.

Rodney phoned during my bathing session so I called him back and we had a chat.

Walking around the camping on my way back from the sea this morning I noticed that most customers are in tents and only a couple of the wooden cabins are occupied. Maybe more will arrive tomorrow afternoon for the weekend.

It has been warm with a high of 33.3℃ and a low 9.7℃ lower. It felt cooler this morning so I was more inclined to make an effort to walk more quickly. The reason why it was still dark when we arrived at the river.

The fluffy pussy has been for some food which gave Luis the opportunity to bark at her. It’s plain to see that he’s feeling better now that the parasites have gone and he’s regularly dunked in the sea. He’s looking a lot better too. Much more barking and the normal Luis misbehaviour!

I cooked up some lentils with some onions and garlic to have with the last of the beetroot. I ate all the tomatoes although I found a cucumber lurking in the communal fridge. Eventually, I’ll start to move back towards hot food as the evening cool and I start to feel hungrier.


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