Friday night rush?

I woke up hot as I decided to sleep inside last night. Even with the windows and door open, it was too hot. I let Fido out and purloined the fan pointing at the dogs, turning it to face me. That was a little better but outside might have been a better solution.

We were alone on the first walk as not even Kostas was there at the time we were. We walked quickly, me with my T-shirt hanging on a branch as it was too hot for anything except shorts and boots. What an elegant combination! The T-shirt was still in the waistband of my shorts when we got back.

I expected to be overtaken by BullDozer Man as we walked up the track by the river but I’d not noticed his equipment, a large, yellow machine, parked down by the road bridge. We exchanged greetings as we passed him by on the way back.

A couple of other dogs were wandering around by the seashore so they were quickly chased up Alonáki Beach towards the hotel. We then headed back along the shore to the camping.

I was in two minds whether to go shopping then swim or the other way around. The sea was quite calm so I decided to make the most of it and go shopping after. I headed west from the beach and then back. Maria was just getting into the water when I passed by on the way back and was in full conversation with one of the customers when I got out. I suspect there was more talking than swimming going on.

I cycled into town just in time to catch the latest delivery of the freshest produce lined up on the road outside the shop. I picked up some corn on the cob and some vlita which I plan to cook this evening. I also bought some more ingredients for the DDs but forgot to buy a cabbage! I even looked at them and reminded myself to buy one as they are right next to the weigh station so I don’t have to carry it around.

I picked up some other items then went to the checkout. I was surprised when the total came to €30 but then there was 500gm of olives, and some dried fruit, fresh plums, and nectarines as well as the remainder of the greengroceries.

I rode back to the camping noticing some of the small changes to the footpath as well as a group of men working further up. There is still a patch of unmade road about 1km from town and I’m not sure what the plan is for that.

I let out the dogs and fed them before getting on with my breakfast. I put away my shopping and sat down for a rest while my breakfast cooked.

The main event of the day has been EG’s website which has been up and down all day. I’d noticed messages from AWS from early in the morning but had not checked the site. Despite taking the website offline for several long periods, each time I put it back up, it’s attacked again.

I sloped off in the afternoon for a swim off Alonáki Beach. There was a guy with an electrically propelled canoe. More like an ordinary canoe with an electrically powered propulsion unit. It became annoyingly windy but the water was great and I amused myself swimming against the wind and waves.

The big weekend rush has brought at least one family to the area north of me. They have a little dog and some young children so they should be fine. I’ll have a better idea of the number of arrivals when I walk through the camping next.

It has been another warm day with a high of 36.2℃ with a feel like temperature of 39.3℃ and a low of 22.5℃ at 07:35. In the night, the temperature felt like 29℃ which explains why I felt hot in bed. There was a gentle breeze from the south wafting warm air up the Promontory at 05:00 in contrast to the northerly breeze the day before. The forecast is for plenty of wind from later tonight until Sunday morning so I expect tomorrow to be cooler if the forecast is correct.

Isabella has been sick today so she is on a reduced diet this evening and I shall be watching her closely. Probably something she ate whilst out this morning but I shall be keeping an eye on her tonight.

If it’s going to be hot but not too windy, I’ll probably sleep in my hammock but I’ll see later.


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