The wind subsided and it became quite warm in the night necessitating exposing myself outside my mosquito tent. It’s amazing how much heat that insect tent keeps in.

We were out at the normal time surrounded by a totally moonlit landscape with a gentle breeze wafting from the north. I left my T-Shirt with my other accoutrements dangling on a bush. I had no need of a head torch and all of the dogs were on leads so no need of the controller.

We completed our three circuits, gathered up the others, and set sail for the river walk. It’s still a bit of a struggle to get to the track by the river bed as there’s no access to the first track before the main road. We went under the bridge then clambered up the river banks on the screed.

VGD was nowhere in sight so I assumed he must have got off his chain and gone walkabout in the machine compound. I let all but Skinny, Obi and Fido off as the latter was a little naughty so I wanted to get him past the area of maximum temptation before releasing him.

We made good time up the track to the turnaround point then walked back on the river bed. It was only as we arrived back opposite the machine compound that I saw VGD’s head above the river banks. The dogs didn’t see him and Isabella was on important business further ahead. Finally, Luis and Fido caught a glimpse of VGD and scrambled up the sides to join him. They were accompanied by Oskar and Charlie who were equally keen to make VGD’s acquaintance however I felt sure the four of them might be overwhelming. I reached for my WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) and prepared to remind Charlie and Oskar that I didn’t wish them to go up the bank after the other two. I called them back and they obediently came back down to the river bed. Then Fido started barking, on his own as Luis had a bark collar, but this they couldn’t resist so scrambled up the sides again. I called them back, they returned and we all walked on leaving Fido and Luis to get to know VGD. No need for any button-pressing and WMD. On their own, Luis and Fido do not present much of a threat especially as Luis will not bark with the collar. Accompanied by Charlie and Oskar the story would have been quite different with VGD, although a lot bigger and stronger, being chased off. Luis and Fido caught us up quite quickly having discovered they were without the support of the other two.

BullDozer Man was not at his equipment so we walked past his silent machine to the seashore and back to the camping. There, the dogs were put inside the van and I set off on my bike for Krios. We discovered him later as he was in the Grammeno Beach car park and drove past as I was gathering the dogs to go back across the field into the camping. We exchanged greetings and he went off in the direction of the river bed and his equipment.

I deposited the dogs and then set off on my bike for Krios via the greenhouses. There’s a great deal of repair work going on at present as many greenhouses were destroyed or severely damaged during the winter.

I met up with Gregor and his dogs on my way back and we had a short chat as Gregor had an important engagement which wouldn’t wait! I thought it better to let him go.

Back at the camping, I went down to the sea for a swim as I’ve missed out for the past couple of days. I was in for around forty-five minutes and swam out to the Small Island with a gentle cross current which made the trip longer than usual. Going back was much easier.

I had an outdoor shower once I’d released the dogs, fed them and prepared my breakfast.

The day has been a mixture of activities. I put up the SunBlocker at least for today and tomorrow and picked up the poo. I had some IT support requests, none of which were too demanding. Later, Georgia came to me asking for a pen as she’d been carting around a wad of money which she’d been trying to give me for several days. She needed me to sign a chitty which I did. At the same time, Maria arrived bearing some items from China, one of which I ordered and was despatched in May. Georgia described some problems she was having with some local administration to do with the camping and we discussed the outlook for the winter season.

Georgia had an appointment off-site so left in her pickup. Maria and I went to inspect the kitchenette unit which had been delivered for the New Room. We discussed furnishings and she took the TV which I then set up for her in the office as there’s some particularly gripping TV viewing later this evening.

On my way back, I stopped off to introduce myself to the English couple who have recently arrived in Crete and left UK only recently. They are here with friends who live on Crete so will be staying a few days. They were recommended to the camping by the couple from Scotland who stayed at the camping and who I’d spoken to a week or so earlier.

I asked the couple about their journey by road to Crete in the same way as I asked the other couple about their journey from Spain. They told me that many people had cancelled their road trips as they feared it might be problematic due to COVID. Their experience was quite the opposite. They took the Tunnel then travelled through Belgium and Germany into Italy via Austria into Italy. For some reason, they drove all the way down to Bari in Italy where they caught the ferry to Igoumenitsa in Greece. They said they had their temperature taken once and just filled in the same document as any traveller would. They belong to a group called Motorhome Fun of which I’m a member. Many other members are afraid of travelling due to COVID however they have shared their experiences with the group members. I think I should also try to drum up some business that way too.

We also talked about their two dogs as I’d seen them walking them on the Promontory when I was swimming earlier. I gave them some Advantix as they knew nothing about leishmaniasis so had come unprepared as their UK vet had said nothing. I suggested it was a serious problem and they were concerned for their animals.

When I got back to the dogs it was well past supper time so I fed them and put a corn on the cob in for me which is now ready so I’m going inside to eat!


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