Electric fence

The night turned out very calm and very warm so I started off in my hammock. Later, the wind got up and it became chilly so I went into my boudoir for the remainder of the night and even required a sheet!

It was windier when we went out but still very warm so I discarded my T-Shirt and other clutter in a location where it would hopefully not get forgotten. We completed our circuits and I was pleased that my Exercise Minutes were building up nicely. This month’s Challenge is all about Exercise Minutes and some of the other days have been disappointing bearing in mind the time and effort on the walks.

The lower part of the river bed is almost complete although there is still work to do as the water can’t quite make it into the sea without climbing over a sand bar. We went a little further today as the wind was getting up so I knew the sea would be rough, the beach with the wind blowing the sand and the crosswinds difficult for cycling. It was a gentle walk back along the seashore. We walked almost 10km on both walks

Somehow, we mislaid Luis and Fido got lost crossing the field. The others dutifully walked back and came into the compound. I was not planning to go out so didn’t put the dogs into the van but fed them instead.

Fido was the first to arrive followed shortly after by Luis. Neither were impressed at missing out on breakfast.

The wind increased and there were gusts to 82km/h. I could feel the decking and the awning moving with the force of the wind. The solar PV panels on the awning roof collect a lot of wind so it’s fortunate Antonis used plenty of metal to fix it all up there!

I had a couple of little IT jobs to do then continued with the Skinny electric fence. I’d been thinking about ways I could get around the various obstacles but end up with a usable system which wouldn’t require too much maintenance. There were several branches that required removal and the area around the SDC needed a great deal of cleaning as it had been allowed to get overgrown. I needed a saw as well as the long-handled pruner.

The installation was reasonably straightforward as I’d spent time thinking about the best way to do the job. It ran on rather late which is why I’m still writing my blog at 21:40.

It was good to complete it in darkness as it’s easy to see if there are any branches or other things touching the conductor wire. It turned out that when the wind blew, it pushed the mesh of one section of the north fence onto the conductor so I had to adapt some of the plastic standoffs to move the conductor with the fence.

I went round with the tester and most of the sections are around 7,000 – 8,000 volts. That may seem rather a lot but the current is extremely low so you get a shock but it’s annoying and not harmful.

I’ve not yet let Skinny loose on it as there are still some minor adjustments to make and I want to see if he attempts to escape in case he is able to find a location to avoid the fence.

I wonder how many times I’m going to catch myself out on the fence. Thinking about the cats, they will climb down the wooden fence so will not be touching the ground so won’t get a shock. If they climb down the chainlink fence, that would be a different story!

I will take some photos tomorrow.

I need to eat and go to bed so this is it for today.


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