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A caterwaul disturbed my slumbers at 04:00 exacerbated by Luis giving his support to the ongoing spat. Even so, I managed to get back to sleep!

The morning walk was not quite so brisk as I went to bed late and had worked hard on the Skinny Fence the day before. Nevertheless, we completed our circuits in a reasonable time before departing for the River. There was no bulldozer parked anywhere nor was there any other plant or machinery except a lorry opposite the concrete depot.

The river works have been completed so there are few obstacles for when the first heavy rains fall this winter. Needless to say, we are probably about to embark on one of the driest winters on record.

We walked a little further again completing the 5km route then back down the river bed to the sea although there were no takers for swimming. It was still very windy as we struggled during the first leg where the track slowly climbs and where the wind was against us. I felt myself being blown back down the valley on the return.

I put the dogs inside and rode to Paleochora as the cupboards were getting bare. There was a strong wind against me so I had to rely on the motor to push me along and keep me going when it was gusty. I bought only fruit and vegetables as well as some dog and cat food which has since been delivered and I have organised.

The sea was uninviting to I let out the dogs and didn’t put Skinny on his line as is the norm. He didn’t seem too keen to try for his freedom until after breakfast when I watched him slope off. I could hear the fence rattle as he climbed it then there was a yelp before he made it over the top. He discovered the fence now has teeth!

I didn’t rush out after him as I was preparing my breakfast but around ten minutes later I wandered down to the bottom of the camping as I guessed he’d probably head for the bar. I was waylaid by Bona who wanted me to look at her phone. She started squirming as she doesn’t like dogs so I looked round to see Skinny standing nearby. He wandered over and I put him on the lead I had in my hand. We went back to the others and he’s made no further escape attempts since.

After my breakfast, I indulged in a period of relaxation before dealing with some other business.

It’s been a quiet day with few calls upon my professional abilities. I had some Doggy Dinners to prepare and the shopping to put away. It was sunny and warm with strong winds in the morning moderating as the day has passed.

Whilst consolidating the pet food delivery, I cleared away some of the discarded cardboard and bulk food bags. I walked to the bins and chatted to Maria on the way. She was rearranging bed linen on the washing line. I spotted someone arriving with a rucksack so I called Maria so she could attend to him.

The aforementioned Doggy Dinners have now been partially consumed as the remainder is for tomorrow, and the dogs are resting. Isabella has found some carob pods which she is now eating. Despite not being on his long line, Skinny has not taken the opportunity to engage in the traditional evening stomping around on the decking. At present, he prefers to sleep under my chair.

I’m in desperate need of a shower so will go and get one in the next few minutes.

Now clean and invigorated after my shower I shall need to find something to eat. I replenished the cat food bowl in the storeroom which may help to reduce the pussy fighting amongst the males. One of which, a large ginger tom, was sleeping peacefully in one of the cat carriers I leave on the old fridge in the storeroom for feeding the Fluffy Mummy Pussy. She was rather surprised to find him in her dining area when she came for food earlier today. She fled for the hills!

Skinny is still here and engaging in some decking stomping with Isabella. Maybe, tomorrow we’ll get the SunBlocker back up if the wind has subsided. At least it’s nothing like as strong as it was yesterday.

I understand from Ursula that Janne and Erica’s flight from Stockholm to Chania was cancelled just after they spent around £200 each on COVID tests which are a requirement for those travelling from a number of countries including Sweden. They are chasing around trying to find alternative flights however the COVID test can be no older than 72 hours upon arrival in Greece.


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