I eventually gave in and took the SunBlocker down as it was still blowing quite hard. It’s not that hard to take down and put up anyway.

The evening passed by with a visit to Broadchurch and some silliness with Lethal Weapon the series – all to be taken absolutely seriously.

I fell into bed and was soon asleep. It was too windy and cool for the hammock. A customer dog who was left outside to sleep may have inadvertently been responsible for some occasional nocturnal interruptions. And then it was morning – well, 04:30 anyway…

We left the compound just after 05:00 and marched down to a deserted Promontory. With no T-Shirt, we completed our three circuits then set off for the river walk not forgetting the T-Shirt and other apparatus. Today that included my glasses as I had both controllers of which the new one has a silly small icon which indicates the dog in play which I’m unable to reliably see without my glasses. I wouldn’t wish to electronically admonish the wrong dog! Wearing glasses when it’s dark reduces my ability to see, even in moonlight. The dogs were on the lead so I left the controllers with my glasses and head torch.

VGD was much more animated taking the trouble to greet us today. Luis had a quick bark at him forgetting his bark collar. I do not have remote collars for all dogs so Luis continues to wear the bark collar. Unfortunately, I think he’s sussed me out and realises I can’t control him remotely with it. I shall have to swap the remote collar and bark collar between Luis and Fido to keep them guessing.

We walked up to the 5km marker and back down the river bed as we have for the past few days. Despite the best efforts of BullDozer Man, the way is still very unstable and really needs for someone to drive a few heavy trucks up and down to consolidate the ground. With the added disadvantage of Skinny and Obi on the lead, I’m unable to make good progress. We’ve not seen the lady with her dog recently so maybe we’ll walk down the track as it’s much more stable so quicker.

Alonáki Beach was deserted so we wandered back to the camping without interruption. I’d taken the precaution of putting Luis on the lead as Fido had the additional collar. He discovered that I was able to control that when he decided to dilly-dally through the field back to the camping on an impromptu voyage of discovery.

I scooted off to Krios where I met up with Gregor and his dogs. I explained that I’d been there the previous day but found myself alone. He said he had technical problems which delayed their departure.

He took me off to a nearby tree where a young hunting dog was tied up. Gregor explained that he’d found the dog tied to a tree in the sun by a piece of binder twine with no water or food. He put him on a longer line and moved him out of the sun to a tree where there would be in shade all day. He also gave him a bucket of water and fed him.

Someone had abandoned him and left him tied to the tree so that some kind person might come and take him. Gregor had been trying to find out if anyone recognised the dog or knew of the owner. No one apparently, did. He’s a very affectionate young dog who would make someone a great pet I feel sure. Seven dogs are quite enough so I declined the offer.

Some hunters in a pickup came by and Gregor asked them the same questions. One of them said he’d take the dog if he was still there on Sunday morning.

I left, having stroked and petted all of the dogs and went back to the camping. It was still blowing so I decided to postpone my swim until the afternoon. I let out the dogs, fed them then organised my breakfast.

Now that the weekly phone call has been rescheduled to begin at 13:00 (EEST) I got the Doggy Dinners on the go so that I could deal with them after the call.

I went for a swim off Alonáki Beach where a number of people were enjoying the sunshine some in the sea. The car park which serves both Alonáki and Gremmeno was very busy so I imagine Ammos Beach Bar was doing a good trade. I should imagine the swimming off Grammeno was better than Alonáki as there was still an easterly breeze pushing waves onto the shore.

I was in the water for twenty minutes or so before wandering back to the dogs who were silent as I approached. Luis and Oskar had been inside before I left so were denied the opportunity to go out until my return.

I had a shower, then picked up the poo which, by the amount of it, had been neglected for a couple of days. My next task was to divide up the Doggy Dinners and process them to mush. I don’t think it’s my imagination that Isabella is a lot better covered and far less ribby since she’s been eating the food after it going through the cutter and turned to mush. The magnitude of the poo-mountain casts some doubt however she still eats lots of carobs which must be very high in fibre.

We are enjoying that quiet period of the evening when the sun sinks slowly down behind the storeroom and the DDs have the effect of causing doggy drowsiness.

I think the big fan could go off now as it’s getting cooler but I’ll leave the ceiling fan to keep the air stirred up and the bugs away.

Probably time for some grub!


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