Mostly lazy day

After another episode of Foyle’s War and something to eat, I retired to my boudoir and was quickly asleep.

Just before midnight, Janne and Erica arrived to much barking from a dog which had been placed, in his box, next to their caravan. This evoked similar barking on the parts of Isabella and Charlie. After all, they have been programmed to bark at anyone approaching on the other side of the fence. It’s been a while since there has been anyone officially present. I told the dogs to shut up, left Janne and Erica to get on with unpacking their cases and went back to sleep.

It was soon morning. My watch has spent the night on its charger updating and recharging so it was the racket from my phone which roused me.

We were outside the gate just before 05:00 and on the way to the Promontory. One FreeLoaderMobile was parked in the car park however its occupants were not discovered during our visit.

It was another shirt-off morning so I left all of the clutter with the parked dogs while the remainder of us did the rounds. We completed in good time and set off for the river valley.

A number of vehicles were parked along Alonáki Beach road including a couple of caravans and a motorhome. We passed without incident and were soon near the end of the beach track where we found another motorhome parked opposite some houses. To everyone’s surprise, a large, black dog was stationed in front of the vehicle so a certain amount of barking ensued. We quickly moved on down the slope to the river.

At this point, I released most of the dogs and we set off up the river bed. Climbing up the side we discovered VGD in his compound attached to his chain and paying attention. He didn’t make any effort to move nearer to the gates so was left once again on his own.

We walked to the 5km point but returned this time via the track as it’s much quicker and easier. We encountered neither woman with dog nor man in pickup coming to feed his animals. We redescended the riverbank in order to go under the road bridge then back to the seashore.

The dog by the van made more noise when we emerged onto the beach and Oskar, Charlie and Isabella made to head off for a confrontation. I called them back so they changed course to follow the seashore back to the camping without further ado.

I prepared for a brief shopping trip to Petrakis as I hoped to find some fresh spinach since I’ve been a little light on healthy, green, leafy vegetables for a few days.

My next stop was to check out the PAWS dogs where I met a couple of well-nourished Swedish ladies who had come to feed the dogs. They seemed to be well acquainted with them however only one put in an appearance. We all left and I continued via the unmade track towards Paleochora port and then back to Grammeno.

The dogs were happy to be let out and fed but I left their collars on until I was sure that Janne and Erica were awake. They soon came out of their van so we were able to catch up.

Apparently, they’d received a document from Norwegian Airlines which appeared to cancel their flights to Chania. As it later transpired, it was the return flight which was cancelled and not the outbound. Meanwhile, they’d both paid to have PCR tests for COVID to the tune of £200 apiece. It was at this point they received the notification from Norwegian so promptly cancelled the tests until they could find alternative flights. They then discovered only the return flight was cancelled but by this time they needed to get the PCR test the following day. The flight was on Saturday which left little time for the completed test results to arrive. It was quite a stressful time for them.

I went for my breakfast and they got on with their unpacking. Later, I went back so we could talk about the plants and catch up some more. At this point, Hop-a-long put in an appearance and made himself at home on one of the chairs. He is the sole remaining male of the three so given plenty of attention which he managed to deal with without complaint. We are all of the opinion that we won’t be sorry when the dog from T2 and family leave to go home. I feel sorry for such a large dog in a comparatively small transport box.

I took myself into the sea later on for a quick swim but otherwise, the day seemed to pass by unhindered.

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