Rise and shine!

It was an evening of nostalgia starting with the first episode of Perry Mason with Raymond Burr starring as Perry Mason. All that way back to 1957! Burr went on to play Ironside in 1967 when Perry Mason ended. The second bout of nostalgia was from The High Chaparral starring Leif Erickson as ‘Big’ John Cannon. His wife, Annalee, Joan Caulfield, only lasted one episode as she was skewered by an Indian arrow.

After another blustery night, the day started slightly earlier so we were on the Promontory by 04:55. A FreeLoaderMobile was parked clandestinely in the car park so I was alerted to the possible existence of people sleeping. But not in the middle of the path! What a pair of plonkers, in their sleeping bags, right in the path not far from the entrance of the Promontory. For laziness alone, they deserved a rude awakening as there are far better places to rough-sleep only a few steps further. It was rude alright as the dogs barked and they were bolt upright in milliseconds. What they imagined they were going to do to fend off seven marauding dogs, I have no idea but I stopped, then slowly and unhurriedly retraced my steps. We easily found an alternative route in and out of the Promontory.

The circuits, slightly modified to avoid disturbing Hansel and Gretel, were soon over so we abandoned the Promontory for the track to the river valley.

It was still very dark and the moonlight was all but useless. I released the dogs trusting they would follow me as I could barely make them out in the gloom. We climbed out of the riverbed to say hello to VGD who was a little more animated. Continuing on up the track to the turning place, it was beginning to get lighter and I could actually make out which dog was which.

We followed the shoreline and only Isabella went for a swim. I dropped off the dogs and then set off for Petrakis on my bike. I’m joining Janne & Erica tomorrow at Anydri to say goodbye to Steffi and Sascha who leave early Friday so will be packing away on Thursday. I didn’t have enough food for the doggies so needed to make up another lot today as it’s a lot easier than having to do it tomorrow when we get back.

I was at Petrakis at school time when all the kids, clad dutifully in their masks, buy their one banana and chocolate bar for break. I completed my shopping and set off back for Grammeno the wind in my favour.

The dogs were out before 08:15 so I fed them immediately. It was then that I noticed I’d left the plastic packaging cup I use to dispense the food out on the table which had then blown onto the floor. There, it had been found by Isabella who instantly modified it. Not in anyone’s interest as I probably gave them less food than I would otherwise. I’m bound to find another discarded yoghurt pot somewhere soon.

The day has had its busy periods with some support calls in the afternoon. I found the time to swim off Alonáki Beach where a gentle breeze was disturbing the sea. There were few people on the beach or enjoying the sea.

The SunBlocker is back in position as there should be no significant wind for the next few days. The weather forecast is talking thunderstorms and showers from very late Thursday through to early Sunday morning. This would rather dampen the weekend if any punters had thought of coming to the camping. That’s if the forecast doesn’t change before then…

The Elephants are not stomping this evening but indulging in a little game involving the destruction of an old rag rug. Skinny and Isabella are amusing themselves with the smallest fragment of one piece.

My latest pair of Peter Storm boots has expired after no more than three or four months use. This amounts to 2.5 hours use per day in dry conditions on sand and stones. Not all that impressive in my view. Something else for Isabella to test her teeth on. I’m looking into getting a proper pair of boots like the ones I used to wear when I did a lot of hiking. In the meantime, I have a pair of Dr Martens boots which should survive more than four months and probably be more comfortable.

I have some lintels awaiting my attention and a corn in the Pot too.


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