The washing machine

I was in bed around 21:00 as I was feeling sleepy after the excitement of a restaurant meal and outing to Anydri. I only got up once and that was to let Fido out for a wee.

It was cooler at getting up time which was a slight blessing as it had been warm during the night. It was only just as I was about to open the gate to the field that I noticed my watch was down to only 14% charge so I knew it would not stay the course. Had I put it on the charger when I got up, it would easily have had enough for the next few hours and all the exercise activities. We persevered.

The Promontory walk out of the way, we started for the river valley. VGD was up and about for a change so we said hello to him. The walk up the valley went as planned however we didn’t go quite as far as the previous days but did go all the way back down on the river bed.

It was properly light when we arrived at the sea as the sun had risen and we emerging from behind the mountains. Isabella went for a deep paddle but she was alone in the sea.

Having packed the dogs into the van, I put my watch on charge whilst I drank a cup of tea. I then set off for Petrakis for fear that it might be raining on Friday and Saturday. According to the forecast, that is what we have in store. As of the most recent update, there is a 75% chance of rain at 05:00 tomorrow. How convenient! I will review the situation as time passes.

Petrakis was not too busy so I was quickly in and out and continued to the PAWS doggy area where I found these.

Puppies sleeping in the sand at the PAWS dog shelter.

I didn’t stay long but carried on over the rough road and then past the ferry port and back to Grammeno.

I put on my breakfast after feeding the dogs then sat down for a bit of a rest whilst it cooked. Janne needed the washing machine so we went together so that he could do his wash. The machine was in use so we had to come back later. He had items that needed to be at 60℃ so we had another abortive visit at the end as it was still on a rinse cycle. Bona kindly brought his wash to him so I didn’t need to go back yet again. It’s been a while since I’ve been involved with the washing machine.

Maria called with my vitamins from UK, thank you, Ursula, for forwarding them to me. As well as a long-awaited package from China containing three brass hose couplings. We’re approaching the end of the hose season but they’ll be fine for next year.

Maria not only brought the mail but a smartwatch Georgia had bought for her mother now that she’s on her own. It has an SOS button and can call a list of numbers for help. This required setting up so I amused myself reading the instructions to find out how it went together. I’ve not been able to complete the setup as it requires the SIM card to be loaded with credit and, ideally, paired with Georgia’s phone. I can see this project will become another saga as there is a number of steps to the process. I foresee that we may end up doing it together in the end… Oh joy!

It has been a warm and mostly sunny day so I sauntered off across the field to Alonáki Beach for a swim in the sea. It was very calm with several people swimming and more cooking in the sun. I used to do that too and my skin tells the tale.

Whilst at the beach, a pair of Italian motorhomes drew up and parked so that the occupants could enjoy a little sun and relaxation. There were some Germans swimming nearby and a British couple in the water. There are foreigners about so things are perhaps looking up.

The evening jousting and cavorting appears to be over so I’d better get some food together and turn off the fan.


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